'Dancing With The Stars': Did Tyra Banks redeem herself this week? Fans question her catwalk entry

Tyra Banks has been having a hard time convincing people she is a good host and yet again, it looks like people have are not illing to cut her some slack

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Did Tyra Banks redeem herself this week? Fans question her catwalk entry
Tyra Banks (ABC)

Tyra Banks replaced long-time show host Tom Bergeron this season and fans have not been open to having her on the show. This is not the first time she has hosted as the reality star was previously seen hosting 'America's Got Talent'. While Tyra has managed to showcase her hosting skills on the show, it looks like fans of 'Dancing With The Stars' have lately been very harsh on her. 

When people got to know Tom would not be back, they started several petitions to make sure they bring him back. Unfortunately, it was not enough. Tom broke his silence on social media and admitted that it was a shock for him to hear that he won't be coming back. Despite this, he wished Tyra all the best for the new journey. 

Ever since week 1, her hosting has been criticized. While some called her out for rushing the judges, others thought she was spending a lot of time questioning the dancers when it was not needed. Tyra even broke her silence on her hosting and admitted she could have done better. "Tonight I hosted the second episode of Dancing with the Stars ... and yeah, it wasn't perfect," she said, as reported by People. "Yeah, I had a lot of fun but I messed up, I said the wrong words, but I kept, kept going." She even compared her hosting to Skai Jackson.

She said, "She got back up and she kept going, and because of that she's here for another week. So the message is: I messed up this week, Skai messed up this week, but we're gonna keep on going and going." Despite this, it was not enough to make the viewers fall in love with her.

In the latest episode, fans had questions as to why a lot of attention was being given to Tyra when the show was about the dancers. Some called her "catwalk Tyra" as her entry always revolved around the host walking into the show with a bang. They did not hesitate to take it to their social media to express these thoughts. 





"I swear if we have to cut #DWTS. short AGAIN bc Tyra needs a 2-minute catwalk intro," read one comment. "Does Tyra have to do a catwalk EVERY episode?" another questioned while another user called her "catwalk Tyra". "Really???? Another Tyra catwalk entry??? Enough!! Let’s Dance! Focus on Dancers, not Tyra!" said another. 





'Dancing With The Stars' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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