'Dancing With The Stars': Tyra Banks slammed for rushing Derek Hough to make decision, fans say 'she's got to go'

A lot has been said about Tyra Banks being appointed the host of this season on 'DWTS', most of it being bad. However, she has now managed to anger fans a little more

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Tyra Banks slammed for rushing Derek Hough to make decision, fans say 'she's got to go'

Tyra Banks is doing the most, not in a good way though, as the new host of 'Dancing With The Stars'. Ardent 'DWTS' fans weren't happy with former host Tom Bergeron being let go from the show after all these past glorious years and for them to watch Tyra replacing him was really not well received. A lot has been said about her hosting abilities, the majority of it being bad. To add to her many inaccuracies while hosting this big a show, she confused Carole Baskin as the one who got eliminated, instead of Chris Oakley, at the end of the episode tonight (September 22). She said people could expect to see Carole on 'Good Morning America' instead of Chris, giving the audiences one more reason to miss Bergeron who effortlessly and flawlessly hosted the show for the past 28 seasons of the show. 

During the elimination, Tyra was also seen rushing the judges to be quick, ignoring the fact that this is an important decision to make and that judges had to consider a lot of factors before arriving at one. She also waved her hand, as a signal to wrap it up quickly at Derek Hough at one point. This was seen as a rude gesture by many of the audiences watching the show from home and they took to Twitter to sound off. "I view #DWTS for the dancing. Tyra is boring. Wearing a provocative costume is a superficial attempt to engage the audience. Rushing judges is rude to both the viewer & judge. I want to hear THEIR comments not hers. Her enthusiasm feels forced," wrote a 'DWTS' fan.



"Ook, I know we all want to blame Tyra because she rushes the judges and then talks herself, but I don’t think it’s all her fault. I think part of it is like, scripted so she gets more time. Still, she is a little plain and Derek shouldn’t have been rushed to a decision. #dwts," wrote another fan who felt she shouldn't have rushed Derek into making a decision.  "@DancingABC Can't believe Tyra said "quick, quick, quick" waving her hand to get #DerekHough to make such an important decision faster on live TV. #Tyra has got to go! Been watching for yrs - don-t know if I can make it through a whole season HER antics. #DWTS Poor contestants," wrote another. "So i was going to be petty buttttt.....tyra banks is NOT the person to be hosting #dwts," wrote another. 








'Dancing With The Stars' airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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