'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31: Judges slam Teresa Giudice for her misstep, fans hope she and Pasha Pashkov stay

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31: Judges slam Teresa Giudice for her misstep, fans hope she and Pasha Pashkov stay
Teresa Giudice and Pasha Pashkov in 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 (Disney+)

Disney+’s live dancing competition show is back with yet another season. Some fans are vouching for a few couples while others are skeptical about whether some of the dancing couples will be able to make it to the finals.

Teresa Giudice and Pasha Pashkov were seen performing well in their rehearsal videos. However, it seems that the couple was not able to do that well on the premiere night. Giudice suffered a misstep while dancing at the live show.


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Fans wonder whether Giudice and Pashkov will have a future on the show

Giudice and Pashkov performed a tango to Rhianna’s ‘We Found Love’. However, after stalling in between the performance, Giudice was disheartened. At one point, she stopped for a second to process what exactly happened to her in the middle of the show. Even after stumbling, Giudice managed to continue her performance.

The dancer almost broke down into tears after receiving the rave reviews from the judges. Fans immediately took the gossip to a Reddit thread, talking about her future. One wrote, "She looked like she was having fun, but really didn’t do well. I love Teresa, but she was really stiff and all the judges pretty much slammed her lmao. I hope she stays in but…" To this, another commented, "She looked very nervous but I thought for the first night it wasn’t horrible. It was hilarious that she flipped the table." Many of the fans cheered Giudice saying, "I loved the table flip on dancing with the stars!!! Go off queen." Well, another fan commented, "I need to make sure that I watch Dancing with the stars tonight got to support my girl @Teresa_Guidice."



A few fans even joked about Giudice’s intro on the show about how she described herself. "Watching dancing with the stars for Teresa Giudice and her intro did not disappoint “I’m Teresa! I am an OG from the real housewives of New Jersey…I went to prison after signing papers my ex-husband told me to sign," wrote one. Another fan made faces and slammed Giudice saying, "Am I actually about to tune into Dancing with the Stars just to see how Shangela and Teresa Giudice do...?"



Even though the judges were not happy with Giudice and Pashkov’s performance, fans appreciated it. A fan tweeted, "I’m only watching Dancing with the Stars for Teresa Giudice." Another commented, "I honestly can't wait to see Teresa Giudice on Dancing with the Stars tomorrow."



Let's wait to find out whether Giudice and Pashkov will be able to make it to the further episodes. Until then, you can tune in to Disney+ for September 19’s premiere episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 31.

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