'DWTS' Grease Night: Cody Rigsby should go, say fans who are upset over Mel C ouster

Cody Rigsby may have returned but fans aren't thrilled with his performances in 'Dancing With The Stars'

                            'DWTS' Grease Night: Cody Rigsby should go, say fans who are upset over Mel C ouster
Cody Rigsby with partner Cheryl in 'Dancing With The Stars' (DWTS/Twitter)

Each week of 'Dancing With The Stars' comes with the contestants putting up even harder fights as they strive to emerge as the winner and the best in the ballroom.

Among those hard workers is celebrity fitness guru Cody Rigsby who has consistently been trying to put up a strong front. Last week saw his return to the ballroom along with partner Cheryl Burke after recovering from Covid-19. Even though the duo is back for live performances they have not managed to impress the judges and only Rigsby's loyal fans seem to be the ones keeping him in the competition. Grease Night saw  Rigsby and Burke dancing the quickstep to “We Go Together”. Here's what judges and fans thought of the performance.


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Cody loved the fact that their song is the finale. He even shared that he did 'Grease' in high school but that he is a horrible singer. He went on to say he is over the moon to relive his musical days. Cody and Cheryl portrayed Danny and Sandy in a fun performance. Judge Len gave the advice that the frame needs to be stronger but he had good energy. He scored him an 8. Judge Bruno said the performance was uplifting and was a celebration. He gave the advice that they need to work on their hold and footwork and gave them an 8.

Judge Carrie said Bruno was right and that they need to close the gap and work on their footwork. She too scored them an 8. Judge Derek said that his performance was a great way to end the night and said well done. He scored them an 8 too. With four consecutive 8s Cody got a grand total of 32 out of 40. He also survived the elimination and will return next week. Mel C was the one to be eliminated and will not return to the show. Here's how fans reacted.

A fan commented, "Melanie C didn't deserve to leave #DWTS ...it should've been Cody or Iman since they were the worst. They'll be on #GMA #GoodMorningAmerica tomorrow #DWTSPremiere #DancingOnGMA #DWTSFinale #ByYourSide". A user said, " Or how is it possible Cody and Cheryl stayed over Mel C who has been amazing every single week?! Cheryl and Cody did mediocre in the comfort of their own home and Mel gets sent packing?! #rigged #recount #DWTS". Another fan said, "Cody wasn’t my favorite dance sorry, but love your energy and the flashback of your younger days was awesome #dwts".      

A viewer said, "Everyone all upset about Len choosing Olivia over Mel C when the real question is why either were in the bottom two. Cody deserves to be the one sent home. He simply isn’t a very good dancer. #DWTS". A user said, "I’m sorry but Iman and Cody should’ve 100% been the bottom two #DWTS". Another viewer said, " I knoooowww the judges wanted Cody and Iman in the bottom two tonight I can see the disappointment/shock in their faces #DWTS" 







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