Who is Danae Mari? Supercross flasher joins OnlyFans after boyfriend dumps her over viral video

Who is Danae Mari? Supercross flasher joins OnlyFans after boyfriend dumps her over viral video
Danae Mari was dumped by her boyfriend after the video of her pulling down her top at the Supercross event went viral (Twitter)

A woman, who went viral for flashing her boobs and sparking a brawl at a sports event in Anaheim, California, says she has been dumped by her long-term boyfriend. However, not all is bad, the woman said in a YouTube podcast. 

Danae Mari, 31, was captured in a video pulling down her top at the Supercross event on January 8 and the subsequent TikTok quickly went viral. One member of the crowd confronting Danae’s behavior yelled, "There's children" before being booed and doused in beer by other members of the crowd.


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Danae, talking about her side of the story on the podcast, described herself as "wild", and admitted that she had been drinking heavily during the evening and recalled that she had woken up the next morning with no idea about what had unfolded. "It was just a normal night for me, I went to Supercross, got super hammered, was having fun, and didn’t think anything of it. Then I woke up the next morning and it was just completely different, viral so I had no idea actually what happened," she told on the No Jumper podcast.

Speaking about the critics, she said, "Like I’m a pedophile, and I flash my t**s for kids." Danae stressed that she had simply been enjoying herself and she said she was more than happy to apologize to any families she had upset with her behavior. "Honestly, I didn't see one kid that entire time, maybe that’s just me, but I didn’t see any kids, not around me, at least," she continued. "It was for the boys, it was the vibe. Nobody there was booing or anything like that, it was like, 'we’re all here to have a good time'. I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t the right vibe."

Danae confessed that the consequences of her actions had seen her boyfriend break up with her after an 11-year relationship. "He's embarrassed I guess. It was when his family reached out and were like, 'I'm very disappointed', and it was to the point where co-workers [were mentioning it] and things like that, I think it was just too much," she admitted.



The 31-year-old has also said that now she is independent, she might take advantage of her newfound fame, and start an OnlyFans account where subscribers can pay to see explicit snaps and videos. Danae currently works in the medical profession and hadn't previously considered using her image to make money. 

"After this, I have the uncensored video. So now that I'm on the streets, I might as well make some money out of it," said Danae. "It's maybe something to look forward to as far as being able to take care of myself. I should run with the opportunity I guess. I’m going to be more independent, I don’t have a choice," she said. "I feel like this opportunity for me, all of it is happening for a reason, so you know, run with it," she added. 

Danae has since joined OnlyFans and shared the uncensored version of the raunchy Supercross clip with her subscribers. 

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