'Saved by the Bell': Lexi to DeVante, meet the 6 new characters joining Bayside High in Peacock's sequel

The series is set to not only have the fan base of the original series as its target audience but also realistically garner a separate audience who may become fans of the new students

                            'Saved by the Bell': Lexi to DeVante, meet the 6 new characters joining Bayside High in Peacock's sequel
Dexter Darden and Josie Totah (Getty Images)

If you're a fan of the original 'Saved By The Bell' (1989-1993) series, you must be ecstatic to know that many of the old cast members are reprising their roles in Peacock's 2020 sequel of the same name. What's more, interesting is the fact that while new and upcoming series sees characters such as A.C. Slater and Jessica Spano as adults, we get to see the new batch of Bayside High students come in -- some are related to the original characters, some are brand new. While the original series focused on many teenagers' concerns such as drug use, and homelessness while making sure comedy was the central focus, the new 2020 series has a premise it stands on. It will chronicle the lives of a new group of students from both privileged and working-class families. Mark-Paul Gosselaar who reprises his role as now California Governor Zack Morris is in hot water after closing down many low-income high schools resulting in students from working-class families now attend "highest performing schools in the state."  The series is set to not only have the fan base of the original series as its target audience but can realistically garner a separate fan base who may become fans of the new group of students, just as the 90's kids fell in love with Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez), Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies), Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen), Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), Tori Scott (Leanna Creel) and Max. Here are five new characters/actors set to take part in Peacock's 'Saved by the Bell' sequel.


Haskiri Velazquez

Haskiri Velazquez, plays the role of Daisy, described to be "a smart, ambitious sophomore who is excited at the prospect of attending Bayside High after her local school gets shut down." The young actress took part in the Lifestories Theatre program at the NPO Urban Arts Partnership. Her first role was in the series NYC 22 where she played the role of Tatiana Garcia. Velazquez is known for her roles as Olga in 'The Trade' (2015), Rosa in Netflix's 'The Forty-year-old Version' (2020), Charlotte in Facebook Watch horror series 'The Birch' (2019), Melissa Rodriguez in 'Blue Bloods' (2020), Sprint Trainee in 'Lost Girls' (2020)


Mitchell Hoog (Peacock)


Mitchell Hoog plays the role of Mac Morris, "the handsome, charming, privileged son of Governor Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski." Many may remember Hoog as Young Jesse from the CW's 'Roswell, New Mexico' (2019-2020), Ian Johnson in 'Sleeping with My Student' (2019), Patrick in 'The Wrong Stepmother' (2019), and Nimrod in the TV series 'Daybreak' (2019). He is also set to play the younger version of Patrick Wilson’s character in the 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' (2021). 


Alycia Pascual-Pena (Peacock)


Alycia Pascual-Pena, plays the role of Aisha, "Daisy’s fun-loving, but an ultra-competitive best friend. She grew up playing on boys’ sports teams and causes a stir when she tries to play football at Bayside". Pascual-Pena is fairly new on the scene when it comes to entertainment, she has played the role of Clara in the TV series 'Jerry Bruckheimer's Chase' (2011) and TT in 'The Plug' (2018). She is set to now play a role in 'Moxie', an upcoming  Amy Poehler film.


Belmont Cameli (Peacock)

Belmont Cameli plays the role of Jamie Spano, "the captain of the Bayside football team and Jessie’s sensitive man-child son". Cameli, as well, is new to the entertainment scene, he's guest-starred as a "cute guy" in an episode of 'Empire' (2018) and has played the role of Marcus in 'The Husband' (2019). He is set to play the role of Trevor in the upcoming comedy-drama 'Most Guys Are Losers' (2021). 


Josie Totah (Peacock)

Josie Totah plays the role of Lexi, "a beautiful, sharp-tongued cheerleader and the most popular girl at Bayside High who is both admired and feared by her fellow students." Totah has starred in Disney Channel’s  'Jessie' (2013-2015) as Stuart Wooten, Michael Lovette in ABC sitcom 'Back in the Game' (2013-2014) and as Mindy Kaling's son Michael Patel in the NBC comedy 'Champions' (2018). She also popularly played the role of Myron Muskovitz in 'Glee' (2015).


Dexter Darden (Peacock)

Dexter Darden plays the role of Devante, "a troubled, loner kid with quite a reputation. Secretly, he dreams of reinventing himself and believes his opportunity has arisen when he is transferred to Bayside High". Many may remember Darden as Frypan in the 'Maze Runner' franchise but his other notable works include his roles as Hags in 'The Binge' (2020) and Walter Hill in 'Joyful Noise' (2012). His other recent works include 'Son of the South' (2020), 'Cabal' (2019) and 'To The Beat' (2018)

'Saved By the Bell' airs on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, on Peacock.

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