Did cyberbullying get to Heeseung? Enhypen fans trend 'you have us'

Did cyberbullying get to Heeseung? Enhypen fans trend 'you have us'
Heeseung hasn't come online in months (@ENHYPEN_members/Twitter)

It seems that when trolls and haters take to the Internet to mock and cyberbully K-pop idols, they forget that many of them are young teenagers, staying apart from their families and friends, practising and working hard without proper health care. In February last week, three idols – fromis_9’s Jiheon, WJSN’s Dawon and Weeekly’s Jiyeon were diagnosed with psychological disorders like anxiety and went on hiatus. And now, it seems that Enhypen’s Heeseung is the next to be affected by the dark side of K-pop.

On February 18, fans and non-fans were shocked by Heeseung’s changed appearance. Many Enhypen fans claimed that he had reversed the nose job he had done before debuting. This blew up on Twitter and Korean online platforms as the majority of the general public called him ugly and cyberbullied him for his appearance. While Enhypen fans did their best to protect Heeseung from these nasty messages by sending supportive ones, it is unlikely that he did not see the hate comments as he has not come online for a while.

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Jake (L) shares that Heeseung (R) can feel alone easily (@ENHYPEN/Twitter)

Jake talks about Heeseung

On March 7, two Enhypen members Jungwon and Jake appeared as guests on a Japanese radio show, ‘All Night Nippon X’ on which member Ni-ki is the host. They chatted and played music, however, a clip of the show has gone viral where they mention Heeseung. A question popped up asking which Enhypen member gets the loneliest. To it, Jake replied that Heeseung gets lonely easily and always needs company. He added, “Even though Heeseung doesn’t show it on the outside, he’s unexpectedly like that.”


'You have us Heeseung'

With this new information about Heeseung, Engenes (Enhypen’s fandom) felt that he must have been going through a hard time since he was staying away from fans for so long. It has been two months since he personally posted anything online. And so, the fandom has come together to trend ‘you have us Heeseung’.  One fan tweeted, “Words aren't enough to say how I really love you lee heeseung, you are one of the reasons why I'm still here fighting, i love you hee so much and I will never be tired of, we really miss you. YOU HAVE US HEESEUNG !!” 


Another Engene posted, “Heeseung we know that you are healing right now, we just want to let you know that we are very very proud of you and we love you very much!we miss you our ACE.” One fan shared, “YOU HAVE US HEESEUNG. No matter what. Always. We're sending you our warmest virtual hug to give you comfort and support. We love you so much.” Another added, “You are never alone, heeseung :( we love you!” 




One Engene commented, “To our bambi, lee heeseung, always remember that you have us and enhypen by your side ❤️ thank you for being so strong for us, we love you no matter what happen. we will wait for you, always and forever.” Another said, “Although he doesn't let it show, he really has a soft heart, so it pains me more to see everything he has been thru, I wanna protect him from everything.”



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