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Covid in K-pop: U-KISS Jun, ‘The Origin’, Billlie Siyoon and Mamamoo's Solar get sick

10 idols have tested positive this week including Woodz, WJSN’s Eunseo and ex-IZ*ONE star Minju
UPDATED FEB 24, 2022
Jun, Siyoon, Woodz and Solar have got Covid-19 (@real_2junyoung, @billlie.official, @woodz_dnwm, @solarkeem/Instagram)
Jun, Siyoon, Woodz and Solar have got Covid-19 (@real_2junyoung, @billlie.official, @woodz_dnwm, @solarkeem/Instagram)

It has been a month since the Omicron outbreak began in mid-January and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Almost 100 idols have tested positive for Covid-19, and more are getting infected every passing day. Previously, on February 23, it was reported that all of the ‘Sixth Sense’ cast members had fallen sick including Jessi and ex-Lovelyz star Mijoo, Pentagon’s Jinho and Oh My Girl’s Hyojung. In the weekend, we also had NMIXX’s Bae, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon testing positive.

With the new Covid-19 strain not being considered lethal, K-pop idols are allowed to go about their busy schedules in crowded places. Unfortunately, this has led to several idols getting infected. The latest happens to be none other than Mamamoo's Solar, U-KISS’ Jun aka Lee Junyoung. Along with him, we also have WJSN’s Eunseo, IZ*ONE’s Minju, WOODZ, four DKB members, NMIXX’s Kyujin, Momoland Nancy and Hyebin, Cravity’s Woobin and Pixy’s Sua testing positive. Mamamoo's leader, Solar tested positive on February 24 despite taking her third booster shot.

Covid in K-pop: Pentagon’s Jinho, Jessi, Lee Mi-joo and Oh My Girl's Hyojung fall sick

Covid in K-pop: NMIXX cancels debut showcase with Bae Covid positive, more idols join the list


U-KISS' Jun gets Covid-19

Idol actor Lee Junyoung is currently in the news for his surprising BDSM Netflix film ‘Love And Leashes’ with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, which is loved by many for its bold subject and the topic of consent. Unfortunately, on February 24, his label shared that the U-KISS star had got Covid-19. His self-test on February 22 came back positive following which he took a PCR test on February 23. The result has come back positive on February 24. Jun has taken two vaccine shots and does not have any symptoms.


'The Origin' gets postponed

Previously, on February 22, it was reported that several of the trainees of the latest survival show ‘The Origin’ had tested positive. IST Entertainment, home to Victon and The Boyz were planning on forming their next boy group through the survival show. But they explained, “Last week, some of the trainees on the show experienced poor health conditions and took a preemptive PCR test that resulted positive for COVID-19.” Hence, the survival show has been postponed from February 26 to March 19.


Billlie and NMIXX's promotions halted

On the same day, the rookie girl group Billlie’s Siyoon had tested positive with a self-test kit. She then took a PCR test which also came back positive. She has taken two doses and shows no symptoms. The group was preparing for their comeback on February 23, however, the conference and music show appearances for it have been postponed since all of the members are now in quarantine.


Before that, on February 21, it was also reported that WJSN’s Eunseo and former IZ*ONE member Minju had tested positive. Eunseo has taken her third booster shot and only has a mild sore throat and is currently quarantined. Minju too has only mild cold symptoms and has halted all of her activities. On the same day, soloist Woodz also was diagnosed with Covid-19 as he took a test due to mild cold symptoms and a fever. He was supposed to appear on Red Velvet Wendy’s radio show but that has been canceled.


On February 20, we also had Kyujin becoming the second NMIXX member to get Covid-19 following Bae. She only has a sore throat and mild fever. The new group’s debut showcase has been postponed to March 1, however, all members have taken their two vaccine doses. We also had Momoland’s Nancy and Hyebin testing positive following JooE’s diagnosis. They were promoting in Mexico at the moment but their activities are currently on hold. Nancy and Hyebin had taken their second and third dose respectively and are currently in quarantine.


Majority of Cravity, DKB and PIXY test positive

Furthermore, Woobin tested positive for Covid-19 which means that now all nine Cravity members are infected. He has no symptoms except for a sore throat. The group’s upcoming comeback has been postponed to a later date depending on their recovery. Additionally, on February 19, Sua became the fourth PIXY member to get Covid-19. On the same day, she came online to reassure fans that she was feeling fine. At the same time, four DKB members - Teo, Junseo, Yuku and Harry June have tested positive and all of the members are in quarantine.