Covid in K-pop: NU'EST, Super Junior, Golden Child, fromis_9 members test positive

Covid in K-pop: NU'EST, Super Junior, Golden Child, fromis_9 members test positive
Ex-NU'EST star Baekho, Super Junior's Shindong, Golden Child's Jangjun, fromis_9's Jiwon get Covid-19 (@NUESTNEWS/Twitter, @earlyboysd, @official_gncd11, @xjiwonparkx/Instagram)

The new Covid-19 outbreak doesn’t seem to be slowing down ever since its onset in mid-January 2022. It is even affecting the K-pop industry which had staunchly defended itself in 2020 and 2021. Over 60 K-pop idols had tested positive in January, followed by 120 idols in February. This number is bound to increase if the new South Korean President sticks to his word and lifts all social distancing guidelines in the country.

In the fourth week of March alone, 13 idols tested positive for Covid-19 including BTS’ J-hope, almost all of P1Harmony and Stray Kids. This number has now increased to 17 cases as of March 26. We have members of groups like NU’EST, Super Junior, Golden Child and fromis_9 testing positive for Covid-19 now.

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Baekho and Super Junior’s Shindong test positive

On March 26, Baekho, a former member of NU’EST, tested positive for Covid-19. His label, Pledis Entertainment shared that he had taken a mandatory self-test kit which had come back positive. He then immediately took a rapid antigen test and was diagnosed with the virus. Baekho does not have any extraordinary symptoms and so is being treated at home. His schedule is suspended and will be updated after he recovers. Previously, former member Minhyun had also tested positive just days before NU’EST disbanded on March 15.


Super Junior’s Shindong is the next K-pop idol to fall sick on the same day. The K-pop group was planning a special concert in Japan when it was reported that the schedule had been altered. On March 26, Shindong had ended up being diagnosed with Covid-19. While the rest of Super Junior will be attending the Japanese event, he will be absent.


Golden Child and fromis_9 members get sick

On March 25, Golden Child’s Jangjun was diagnosed with Covid-19. His label, Woollim Entertainment shared that he had tested positive with a self-test kit and immediately took a PCR test. It had come back positive too. The label shared that Jangjun had taken his third vaccine shot and so did not have any other symptoms other than a mild cold. However, since he is in quarantine, his schedule had been halted and he would resume his activities after recovery.


Another Pledis artist has also tested positive. On March 23, fromis_9’s Jiwon was diagnosed with Covid-19. The label shared that she had taken a self-test kit and had tested positive. She then took a rapid antigen test which has also come back positive. She only has mild symptoms like a slight cough. Hayoung, Jisun and Nagyung had come in close contact but their tests came back negative. Jiwon is currently in quarantine. She is the fifth fromis_9 member to test positive.

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