Covid in K-pop: Pentagon, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, Red Velvet members contract virus

Covid in K-pop: Pentagon, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, Red Velvet members contract virus
Yeo One, Wooseok, Arin, New, Joy, Irene and Yeri, Minyoung, Yujeong and Eunji, Bian and Ida, Gyujin test positive (@CUBE_PTG, @8_OHMYGIRL 2, @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter, @cecikorea, @bravegirls.official, @u10t_official/Instagram, Arirang K-Pop/YouTube)

The Omicron outbreak is running rampant in the K-pop industry and it's likely to get worse since the new South Korean president plans to lift social distancing measures. In January, over 60 idols had tested positive and that number doubled up with over 120 idols getting sick in February. It is a new week but already 17 idols have tested positive on March 14. Since the new Covid-19 strain isn’t considered lethal yet, idols have to continue with their booked gigs in crowded places. This has led to idols from Pentagon, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls and Red Velvet testing positive.

Due to its infectious nature, the outbreak has started to hinder several important schedules. Blackpink’s Rose had to sit out of YSL’s show at Paris Fashion Week while Loona and WJSN’s participation will be affected in the survival show ‘Queendom 2’. It has also begun to affect birthdays, reunions and comebacks as we had BTOB members testing positive on their birthdays while Tempest and Cravity had to postpone their debut and comeback respectively. And now, several Oh My Girl, Brave Girls and Red Velvet members have tested positive days before their comeback.

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Covid in K-pop: BTOB's Changsub, Sungjae and Oh My Girl's Mimi test positive

Three out of five members get sick (@redvelvet.smtown/Instagram)

Red Velvet's concert postponed

Fans were excited as they did not have to wait long for Red Velvet’s next comeback. The girl group was also set to have a special concert to celebrate the release. Unfortunately, on March 14, Irene, Joy and Yeri tested positive. The members took a mandatory test for their schedules and the three girls were diagnosed with Covid-19. Since they have taken their second vaccine shots, they are quarantined at home. But the special concert ‘The ReVe Festival: Prologue’ has been postponed to an undecided date and tickets can be fully refunded for those who want. The album however will be released as scheduled.


Arin becomes third Oh My Girl member to get sick

On the same day, Arin became the third Oh My Girl member following YooA and Mimi to be diagnosed with Covid-19. She too has taken her second dose of the vaccine and has suspended all of her activities at the moment. The girl group was preparing for their second studio album ‘Real Love’ which is set to be released on March 28.


Pentagon's Wooseok sits out of 'Immortal Songs'

We also had Pentagon’s Yeo One and Wooseok testing positive. They took a mandatory self-test kit following which they immediately got PCR tests done and were diagnosed with Covid-19. They too have taken their second doses and have halted all schedules. Fans who were looking forward to Wooseok’s appearance on ‘Immortal Songs’ will have to wait longer as he will be missing the filming taking place on March 14. They are the fourth and fifth members to test positive following Kino, Shinwon and Jinho.


More idols test positive in the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, we also had MAJORS’ Ida and Bian testing positive after they both had a high fever. The Boyz’s New became the seventh member to test positive following Jacob’s diagnosis. Brave Girls’ Minyoung too got Covid-19 while Yujeong and Eunji’s rapid antigen tests are positive. They too were preparing for their next album ‘Thank You’ which is being released on March 14. Similarly, Kingdom's Arthur and Mujin tested positive and postponed their upcoming album's release to March 31. Additionally, NMIXX's Sullyoon got Covid-19 right after Bae and Kyujin recovered.

After UP10TION's Bitto and Kogyeol falling sick in 2020, we now have Sunyoul, Kuhn, Gyujin, Hwanhee testing positive. Gyujin and Hwanhee became the latest to be diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 13 and 14. On March 12, WJSN’s Luda became the sixth member to fall sick following Eunseo, Exy, Seola and Yeonjung. 


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