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Who is Courtney Clenney? Model stabbed BF to death and then UPDATED ONLYFANS page with racy selfie

Courtney Clenney fatally stabbed her boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli on the shoulder amid a domestic dispute
OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney stabbed boyfriend Christian Obumseli (Christian Toby/Instagram and Courtney Clenney VIP/OnlyFans)
OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney stabbed boyfriend Christian Obumseli (Christian Toby/Instagram and Courtney Clenney VIP/OnlyFans)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Courtney Clenney, also known as Courtney Tailor, a 25-year old OnlyFans model killed her 27-year old boyfriend, Christian Obumseli. As reported, cops recieved a call from Clenney at her luxurious apartment building at 3131 Northeast Seventh Avenue in Edgewater in Miami, Florida. This call was made on 5 pm on Sunday, April 3, where the police found her boyfriend was stabbed once in his shoulder. 

The first responders immediately transported the 27-year old victim to a nearby local hospital where he gave up the fight. Officers say the believe this violent erruption was caused by a domestic dispute. 


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A spokesperson for the Miami Police Department said, "We know that there was a physical altercation between them before he was stabbed." Local 10 spoke regarding this active investigation with close friends of the couple. Friends are of the opinion that the OnlyFans star and her boyfriend led a rocky relationship. When officials and authorities informed the friends of his stabbed death, they were speechless. Police said the influencer, who is not formally charged in the death of her boyfriend, was hospitalized for mental health concerns after making suicidal threats while in police custody. It is not clear how she is doing now.


A neighbour who gets a clear view of their luxury apartment claimed that a week before this unfortunate incident, Clenney was the one who was abused physically and he alleged this killing could have been in self-defense. He said, "I could not tell if it was open-handed or closed-handed, but he was swinging at her." In the period of the last three months, the police have recieved multiple calls complaining of disturbance at the couple's apartment.  A friend, Ashley Vaughn said, "We’ve seen her hit him. I’ve never seen him hit her." Officers believe there was some struggle before he was stabbed in the shoulder. Investigators are trying to figure out whether Clenney acted in self-defense or not. Their friend Vaughn continued, "From what we’ve personally experienced between the both of them, we believe that Christian wouldn’t put her in a position where she would need to stab him to protect herself."


The friends are trying to figure out what, when, and how exactly things went south. Tahki Banks said, "Even that we really lost Christian only, it feels like we lost Courtney at the same time. We didn’t think this is how far it would have gone." When Clenney was taken to the police station, she threatened to kill herself but what was shocking was that new content was added to her OnlyFans page the day after she was detained. She was seen making a V sign, pouting her lips and wearing a chest baring white outfit. Friends of the couple say that they are shocked and distraught over the whole situation. Clenney and her boyfriend had moved to Miami from Texas a few years back.

Now  a GoFundMe account established in support of Obumseli's family has raised more than $65,000 from it  $100,000 goal. The creator of the page writes Obumseli was killed a week before his 28th birthday, leaving 'many unanswered questions and creates a void that can never be fixed or filled.'
"That someone's selfish act ripped Christian away from this world. It is not enough to say we are shocked and hurting - We are utterly devastated," his family wrote.  The creator of the account describes Clenney's boyfriend as someone who was 'extremely compassionate with a desire always to uplift those around him. He did not deserve for his life to be cut short by a heinous act of violence. We will never forget his infectious smile that could light up any room or his caring spirit.'