Randy couple carjacked while having sex in back seat and left NAKED in the street

Randy couple carjacked while having sex in back seat and left NAKED in the street
A Brazilian couple were carjacked while having sex and left naked on the street on August 17 (Screenshots/Daily Mail video)

BRAZIL: A randy couple having sex in their car was interrupted by a group of thugs who carjacked them and left them completely in the nude, in the middle of the street.

The late-night romp went terribly wrong was captured on surveillance cameras somewhere in Brazil on August 17 when the car was parked on the side of a quiet street. Three figures were seen in the footage approaching the car on what appeared to be a well-lit street. They proceed to open the car doors before one of the thugs gets behind the wheel while another enters the passenger side. The shocked couple is then seen springing out of the back door of the car and into the street while completely naked.


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The third carjacker, who occupies the back seat after the couple vacated, thoughtfully tosses some items of clothing at the embarrassed pair. The lovers appear to be clutching some clothing and cover themselves partially as the thieves drive off with the stolen car from the scene. The duo is seen hastily helping each other get dressed as they are left pondering their next move. The alleged incident is said to have taken place somewhere in Brazil on August 17, per the video timestamp. The clip surfaced online on Thursday, September 1, and it is unclear at the time of publication if the criminals were caught or if the victims, who weren't identified, had filed a complaint with the police. You can watch the video here.

It's worth noting that Brazil has the seventh-highest crime rate in the world, with exceptionally high reports of violent crimes, per World Population Review. However, it appears not all carjackers in the country are heartless. Earlier this week, a pair of carjackers apparently had a change of heart after stealing a mother's car at gunpoint. They returned the vehicle later with an apology note saying they hadn't noticed her special needs son's stroller was still inside.

Surveillance footage showed Rosyneide Almeida parking her car in the garage of her home in Cariacica on Sunday, August 28, when she was accosted by one of the armed men. "He told me to get out because he wanted the car," Almeida told the Brazilian news outlet G1. She said she explained to the carjacker that her four-year-old son who suffers from encephalitis — a form of brain swelling — and her daughter, 9, were still inside the vehicle. "I opened the door and pulled them out, took both of them out. I was desperate," she recalled. Almeida was worried about recovering her car, but she was also concerned about the $3,000 stroller that was donated to the family to tend to her special needs son.


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Friends and family helped the embattled mother with a social media campaign to recover the car. It was eventually left on a street and found Tuesday, August 30, by an acquaintance. The returned vehicle reportedly had a full tank of gas and a handwritten apology inside. "Crime asks for forgiveness, at the time of the (robbery), it was not possible to see the child's problem. The car is being returned. Tank is full!!!" the note read in Portuguese. While the stroller was immediately returned to Almeida, Cariacica civil police's vehicle theft and robbery unit is holding the vehicle pending an investigation before releasing it to her, the Daily Mail reported.

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