Derick Dillard shuts down troll by saying 'Counting On' kids love sex, Internet says 'you just won' the web

It started when a troll questioned Jill Duggar on Instagram about all Duggars' rush into married life including her 17-year-old brother Justin who's already engaged

                            Derick Dillard shuts down troll by saying 'Counting On' kids love sex, Internet says 'you just won' the web
Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar (TLC)

'Counting On' star Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard shut a troll down by admitting that the love for sex is the reason why all members of the Duggar family marry at a young age. Three days ago, exactly a day after his 18th birthday, Jill's brother Justin Duggar announced his engagement with now-fiance Claire Spivey. Jill had shared a selfie sporting a hoop nose ring, and that's when a user jumped into her comments, asking why her family members rush to get married at such young ages.

"Amazingly surprised that your brother is 17 and engaged!!! Why do you guys rush to marry life? He’s a kid and Claire too!!" the person wrote and Jill's husband Derick was quick to jump in and save the day with a sardonic reply. He shut it down with a simple "because we want to have sex" causing a frenzy amongst 'Counting On' stars. 

A fan replied to him saying, "@derickdillard thank you for speaking the ONLY TRUTH". Another replied saying, "@derickdillard I laughed so hard at this. Great response!!!" Another fan commented, "hey @derickdillard is being honest and thank u for making me laugh u always know how to come back at the haters" while one said, "hahaha didn’t expect the brutal honesty this is why you guys are the best" and another opined, "honest, true and discussion ending. It’s none of anyone’s business anyhow." While another declared, "@derickdillard you just won the internet."

Justin's engagement didn't come as a shock fans of the TLC network show or those who follow the family religiously on social media. He and Claire had already made an announcement, just a couple of months ago stating that they were courting. Courting for the Duggars means "dating with a purpose" and it's a known fact that the family's courtships manage to transform into engagements, rather quickly at that. The Duggars are evangelical Christians, a faith following a general belief that sex is only to occur between a husband and wife.

Derick and Jill Duggar are more on the liberal side, more than the rest of their family members. They have no qualms discussing marital sex on their social media, and they've continued to do so over the years. A couple of hours ago, late on Wednesday night, Jill hosted a giveaway on her Instagram page. The giveaway was in association with a relationship app that doles out sex tips, and Jill was promoting the same. "Ok, I might be blushing a little here, but so excited to finally get to share with y’all!!" she began the post that was giving away products including lingerie and sex toys worth $400

"Y’all know how we love to support healthy marriages!! I recently came across this AMAZING app called Intimately Us. It's a fun and sexy app for your marriage with fun bedroom games & tons of ideas to make intimacy and sex in your relationship fun and alive! Keeping our marriage strong and passionate is a priority for us, even in amidst the chaos of life! We've been using this app for about a month and have LOVED it!" Jill wrote.

"Some of my favorites are the bedroom games that are clean and fun! I also love the daily intimacy challenge to keep the sparks of passion alive + the fun questionnaires that let you get to know each other's preferences, etc.!" her caption continued. 

'Counting On', which airs on TLC, is on an indefinite hiatus.

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