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‘Council of Dads’ Episode 4 Preview: How will Robin handle the sixth stage of grief?

The preview of the upcoming episode sees Robin dealing with an unexpected and different emotion in her grieving period
Sarah Wayne Callies (Getty Images)
Sarah Wayne Callies (Getty Images)

‘The Sixth Stage’ explores the different stages of grief for Robin Perry (Sarah Wayne Callies). As we know, there are five stages of grief- denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Earlier, we had seen that she finally removed her wedding ring, which could be counted as her first step into accepting that now her husband is gone and she is alone all over again.

But what happens once you accept the loss? Perhaps this is where the sixth stage comes in and that is all about moving forward.

For the past three episodes of the NBC family drama, Robin has been going through a lot of emotional and social upheaval post her husband, Scott Perry’s (Tom Everett Scott) death. First, it was dealing with the fact that her husband, the father of her children, and the man who took care of everything within the family is no more. Then, she also had to find a way to make her children come to terms with it, while also taking care of her newborn son.

And then, as we saw in the previous episode, Robin also had to figure out ways to handle her financial shortcomings and take the painful decision of letting her family crab shack business go. Although it will still be in control of their family friend, Anthony Lavelle (Clive Standen), it was not an easy step to take for Robin.

But, among all these changes within and around her family and handling their emotions, where does Robin find herself? No matter how hard it is, Robin has to move on in her life. This also means a new companion/ partner. And now, in the trailer of Episode 4, we see her contemplating romance all over again.

The episode promo says “desire is dangerous”. And in quick clips, we see Robin and Anthony sharing a moment. So will Anthony become her desire? Not that it is surprising! After all Anthony was Scott’s best friend and they have managed the crab shack together. Even now, despite the transition of ownership, Anthony is still onboard with the business. He is great with Robin and Scott’s kids, and he understands Robin as a friend and well-wisher. So, it’s only natural for Robin to feel intimate towards him.

Take a peek into the upcoming episode which hints at a possible romantic angle between Robin and Anthony.



However, there is a big challenge in this newly developed situation for Robin. Anthony and the new hotel executive Margot have had some chemistry. We cannot say for sure if the sparks were on both sides or not. If Robin mistakes Anthony’s friendship as a romantic interest but finds out that he is into Margot, then she could be devastated emotionally. And that, as the trailer says, could be dangerous.

Should Robin give in to her desire or take her next steps carefully?

‘Council of Dads’ Episode 4 airs on Thursday, May 14, 8 pm/7c, only on NBC.