‘Council of Dads’ Episode 3: Will selling Scott’s crab shack help the Perry family move on?

Scott’s death has not only affected his family emotionally but his loss and absence is also taking a toll on the family’s financial situations

                            ‘Council of Dads’ Episode 3: Will selling Scott’s crab shack help the Perry family move on?
Michele Weaver and Tom Everett Scott (NBC)

It’s been barely a few months Scott Perry (Tom Everett Scott) died from cancer. The sudden absence of the family patriarch has thrown everyone off, starting from his wife, Robin Perry (Sarah Wayne Callies). The episode ‘Who Do You Wanna Be’ continues to explore the family’s emotional struggles but focuses on the more practical aspects of their current lives which seem to be also getting affected with Scott now gone.

While there are feelings and sentiments at play and to be dealt with, one cannot ignore what happens when the family finances start to get shaky in the head’s absence. Although Robin is fully capable of running her family through her job as a doctor, she also needs to consider that there are adolescent children, like Charlotte (Thalia Tran) and Theo (Emjay Anthony) who would need to look at a college education in the coming years and need the monetary support.

Then there’s JJ (Blue Chapman) and the newly born baby, to be raised and raised well, or as Scott would have wanted. Long story short, Robin has financial responsibilities she needs to fulfill and that seems to be in a bit of a sticky situation.

When Larry Mills (Michael O’Neill) calls for a meeting to discuss the family finances, Robin and everyone else on the council is shocked to know that he has been considering selling off the crab shack, which Scott owned and now is managed by his friend, Anthony Lavelle (Clive Standen).

The crab shack was not only Scott’s dream and his baby but the family’s dream too. Luly Perry (Michelle Weaver) had grown up seeing her father set it up and bring it to its current position, and she used to work there too by her father’s side. The entire family would dine and celebrate special occasions at that cozy little restaurant, and had endless memories attached to it.

And now that it is about to go, none of them can come to terms with it. The children are concerned and definitely not happy about it and so is Robin.  She shares her feelings about this decision with her friend Dr Oliver Post (J August Richards) and how she is not okay with it.

But at the end, she comes around and decides to let it all go, but with certain terms and conditions to preserve the legacy of the place to honor Scott’s memories. At the end, Robin finally removes her wedding ring, which signifies that she is finally ready to move on. And letting her husband’s business become history, she is probably enabling herself more to keep her past behind and carry on with life.

However, as far as we know, Scott’s children are not okay with this and we are yet to see how this change will affect them emotionally. After all, they are still recovering from their father’s death and another memory of their father being wiped away can probably shake them more.

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