Who is Francesco Facchinetti? Italian DJ accuses Conor McGregor of breaking his nose

The 33-year-old former UFC fighter and DJ Francesco spent the evening partying together at a nightclub in Rome before the incident happened

                            Who is Francesco Facchinetti? Italian DJ accuses Conor McGregor of breaking his nose
Conor McGregor and DJ Francesco Facchinetti (Photos by Instagram thenotoriousmma/@frafacchinetti)

A month after lunging at Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet of MTV VMAs 2021 for no reason, Conor McGregor again managed to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. The MMA star, who visited Rome for the christening of his youngest child Rian, has been accused of punching and breaking the nose of famed Italian DJ and TV personality Francesco Facchinetti.

According to Daily Mail, the 33-year-old former UFC fighter and DJ Francesco recently spent the evening partying together at a nightclub in Rome. The Italian DJ shared his side of the story on Instagram where he revealed that he was randomly attacked by Conor McGregor without any provocation from his side. McGregor along with his wife was with the Italian DJ at a party before the Irish mixed martial artist invited them to another party. After the incident, Francesco is planning to sue the 33-year-old fighter as he “took a punch for nothing.”
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Who is DJ Francesco Facchinetti?

Francesco Facchinetti, who goes by the stage name of DJ Francesco or Oz, is a well-known name in Italy. Apart from being a DJ, he is also a skilled producer, singer, musician and TV presenter. Facchinetti enjoys a total of more than two million followers on Instagram and Twitter. The 41-year-old artist shot to fame with his 2003 summer debut single ‘La canzone del capitano’.  In 2007, he hosted a reality show called ‘L'isola dei famosi’. He later hosted ‘X Factor Italia’, the Italian version of the original British singing show.


What did DJ Francesco Facchinetti accuse Conor McGregor of?

Taking to his Instagram, the renowned Italian DJ spilled the beans on the incident saying, “At this moment I find myself at Parco dei Principi hotel in Rome, I'm not sure when I will post this video but at 2.30 am this morning I was attacked by Sir Conor McGregor”, as reported by Daily Mail. He continued, “Yes, that very famous Conor McGregor that threw a punch to my mouth that busted my top and bottom lip. He broke my nose, there was blood, I've now cleaned myself up. He attacked me outside St Regis in front of 10 of my witnesses, his friends and his bodyguard.”

Facchinetti added, “He attacked me for no reason seeing as we spoke for more than 2 hours and we had a good time together. I could've stayed quiet and not said anything to anyone but seeing as I'm okay and I'm here telling you this story about Conor McGregor who throws a punch at someone who is definitely not a fighter you could only imagine what could've happened.” He further stated, “I took a punch for nothing. That punch could go to anyone. My friends, my wife or other friends. That’s why I decided to sue Conor McGregor because he is a violent and dangerous person.” Taking advantage of the situation YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul took to Twitter and slammed Conor saying, “Coked up Conor likes to play tough guy with musicians… Conor PLEASE try and do something when you see me !!” Conor McGregor has not released any official statement on the incident.



‘Conor McGregor is overdue for jail time’, says Twitter

Social media users quickly logged into Twitter to brutally slam the MMA star. “I mean he can’t beat mma fighters anymore”, claimed one user as another noted, “Trouble just finds Conor.” One user tweeted, “#ConorMcGregor is overdue for jail time and long-term anger management. He should be assessed for brain damage, too.” Whereas, another said, “He can’t beat up real fighters so he has to make himself feel good somehow.”
One individual asserted, “It's time for mcgregor to do time. He can fight his hearts galore out in prison.” Meanwhile, another stated, “Punched a italian dj for no reason. Thats only one side of the story tho. Could be something we dont know caused it. But his a pro mma fighter so he gotta stop the punching.” And, one person concluded, “@TheNotoriousMMA your dad must not have taught you any manners.  Your a trained fighter. Why punch a DJ ? Scumbag move.  Bet you dont try that s**t with @GamebredFighter”
















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