Who is Conor McGregor's wife Dee Devlin? How power couple's chance meeting at a nightclub blossomed into love

The pair went on to become one of Ireland's most popular power couples ever since 'The Notorious' shot to fame in 2013

                            Who is Conor McGregor's wife Dee Devlin? How power couple's chance meeting at a nightclub blossomed into love
Conor McGregor and wife Dee Devlin (Getty Images)

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion, Conor McGregor is back in the news after Jake Paul offered him a whopping $50 million and challenged him for a fight. The profane video soon sparked much outrage on social media, especially over the fact that Paul insulted his wife and called her a “four”.

“What the f**k is up, you Irish c***? Good morning, Conor McGregor. I know you’re probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now, or maybe you’re jacking off because you’re sick of f**king your wife. I mean, she’s a four, Conor. You could do a lot better. But happy Monday,” he said in an expletive-filled video.


Born in Crumlin, Dublin on 14 July 1988, McGregor is the son of Tony and Margaret McGregor. At 12, he began boxing at Crumlin Boxing Club to defend himself against bullies. Talking about how and why he started training for fighting, McGregor confessed he did so “as a kid to be able to defend myself in an unarmed combat situation” in an interview.

Although he said that he doesn't have any heroes, in another interview, he added, “Phil Sutcliffe is a phenomenal boxing coach and during my time under Phil in Crumlin Boxing Club, I learned so many fundamentals that I still carry with me today.” Amid all the fury online, here's a sneak peek at his personal life and relationship.

Conor McGregor (Getty Images)

Who is Conor McGregor's wife Dee Devlin?

Born on August 9, 1987, Dee Devlin was raised in Walkinstown, a suburb in the south of Dublin, Ireland. As per a bio in SCMP, “she was not particularly academically inclined and dropped out of high school at 15, taking up odd jobs, waitressing and modeling throughout her late teens and early twenties.”

McGregor reportedly first locked eyes with Dee in a nightclub and the two have known each other for years. According to The Mirror, the two crossed paths in 2008 “when Conor was just a 19-year-old youngster, dreaming of becoming a champion MMA fighter.”

Dee Devlin (Getty Images)

Opening up about their relationship, he told the outlet, “I asked her to come over and we just started chatting. She seemed like a nice girl, and I like good girls. She’d drive me to the gym, and she’d listen to all my dreams. Dee is a lifesaver for me. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for her, and that’s for sure. I’m doing all of this for her.”

The pair went on to become one of Ireland's most popular power couples ever since 'The Notorious' shot to fame in 2013. Devlin has extended great support through the years and said in an ESPN interview, “I definitely try to help him out all the time, even without realizing it – especially around a fight because it’s such a tough time with his weight... I cook, clean, pack his gym bag, all that kind of stuff.”


How did the two tie the knot?

Confessing she was instantly attracted to McGregor, Devlin said, “He’s very funny – he always keeps me entertained and makes me laugh.” In an interview with VIP magazine, she said, “He was already training when I met him, so I really admired his dedication to that.” 

In May 2015, ahead of the July victory over Chad Mendes, he told MMAFighting: “My girlfriend has been there since the start. She has helped me throughout this career. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. So definitely, I love to spoil her. She does not work anymore, I hired her to the business. She works for me now and collects the cheques.”

Conor McGregor celebrates with girlfriend Dee Devlin (Getty Images)


She stood by him when he was defeated by Nate Diaz in March 2016 and he soon bounced back. That same year, in November, the couple announced she was pregnant with their first child. Two years later, in 2018, Dee revealed that their second baby was on the way.

However, it was only recently in August 2020 that the couple announced their engagement. The 32-year-old shared the news with an Instagram photo captioned: “What a birthday, my future wife.” Although their marriage date is not known, reports said they were man and wife. The rumors first sparked after he commented “Wifey” on a picture where she wrote “Sunday funday with my man.”



In June, Conor shocked fans after announcing his retirement from UFC in a post on Twitter, saying the game “does not excite me”. He wrote, “Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting. Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it’s been! Here is a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas post one of my World title wins! Pick the home of your dreams Mags I love you! Whatever you desire it’s yours.”




The couple have two children together, Conor Jack McGregor and Croia McGregor. SCMP reported, “Their three-year-old son Conor Jack Jnr was born in Coombe Maternity Hospital in May 2017, weighing 8lb 14oz (4kg), and one-year-old Crois (pronounced “Cree-ah”, a name of Irish origin that means “of the heart”) was born in the same hospital in January 2019.”

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