Confused Biden seems lost while exiting stage, Internet says 'keep him away from the red button!'

Confused Biden seems lost while exiting stage, Internet says 'keep him away from the red button!'
Joe Biden looked confused before doing a 180-degree turn and finally spotting his way off the stage (Twitter screenshot)

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA: After a string of similar caught-on-camera incidents, President Joe Biden's embarrassing stage exit on October 20 at a rally in Pittsburgh sparked debtate about his declining health. A confused Biden, who will turn 80 in a month, finished his speech, turned to his right, then stopped before making a 180-degree spin to his left to find the exit.

Next, Biden pointed to the door and looked to mutter to himself before hurriedly leaving the platform. When questioned by reporters during an unplanned stop at a sandwich restaurant just outside of Pittsburgh, he then displayed confusion once more. When asked why "more candidates don't want to be seen in public" with him, Biden gently approached the individual posing the query and walked up close with a bewildered expression on his face. He began to mumble, then questioned, "What are you talking about?" with his response to a subsequent query being difficult to understand.


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The clips, which followed a slew of related ones showing the president appearing disoriented and stumbling over his words, increased long-standing worries about his mental stamina. OutKick host Clay Travis tweeted the video and asked, "How is it possible that Joe Biden never knows how to leave the stage? Every speech. He’s always lost if there isn’t someone to immediately grab his elbow and lead him."


Moving on, the online outlet tweeted the same footage of Biden along with an emoji of an old man, and wrote, "Biden is talking to the void again and can't find a way off the stage. This time, the 79-year-old US president got into a difficult situation after a speech in Pittsburgh." 


A user on the post asked, "well THE QUESTION is Who leads USA? individual? family? corporation?" Another posted, "No one over the age of 35 should be allowed near anything" A third tweeted, "I talk to myself (and the cats AND household appliances) daily. But - I’m alone here, and I don’t want to be president or lead ANYTHING." A fourth shared his views, "He's visibly working overtime on Earth. Pathetic." Another said, "Keep him away from red button!!"






Biden has been urged to take a cognitive test for dementia on numerous occasions by Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), a former White House physician to Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Earlier this month Ronny tweeted, "Biden looks utterly lost. He’s slurring his words, staring off into space, and yelling for no reason at empty rallies. These are the actions of someone who’s cognitively ill and UNABLE to serve his country."


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