Who is Clay Travis's wife? Tennessee Titans ex-cheerleader has three sons with him

Clay Travis, set to take over the late Rush Limbaugh's three-hour radio slot, married Lara Travis in 2004 when he was 25 years old

                             Who is Clay Travis's wife? Tennessee Titans ex-cheerleader has three sons with him
Clay Travis with wife Lara Travis. (Instagram/lara.travis)

Clay Travis is all set to take over the late Rush Limbaugh's three-hour radio slot and was quite excited to speak about it on Thursday, May 27. The lawyer-turned-sports journalist will be accompanied by Buck Sexton. On Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, Travis said he and Sexton were "not replacement for Rush Limbaugh" who died at the age of 70 due to lung cancer. 

The show hosted by Travis and Sexton will begin to broadcast from June 21 on hundreds of stations across the country. Travis said, "I don't think you could be nervous about stepping in. Buck and I are not replacements for Rush Limbaugh because nobody replaces a legend. But what you can do is continue the fight. You know this because you do it every night. There is so much insanity going on in this country right now." 


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Who is Clay Travis's wife?

On the personal front, Travis is married to Lara Travis, a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader. The couple had three sons after they got married in 2004 when Travis was 25. The two moved to the Virgin Islands in mid-August 2004. At the time, Travis had said that he and Lara had traveled to "every bar" across the island but were told that NFL games not broadcast locally could not be shown. 


The Virgin Islands did not have access to DirecTV, which aired all NFL games if opted. That is when Travis went on his infamous pudding strike to bring all the games to Virgin Islands. Speaking about this, Lara had said, "This is probably the craziest thing he has ever done," and added. "It doesn't affect me all that much, though most of my conversations revolve around the pudding strike and what other people are saying about the pudding strike."

She also said, "I would consider myself a big Titans fan, especially more than most women because I have been a cheerleader," and added, "I would like to see the games, it important to me to see them, but no, I enjoy eating too much." Lara also wrote a blog called "My Husband is The Worst on Long Car Trips". This blog is on Outkick and was published in response to Clay's column on their drive to Destin. 


Lara wrote, "After reading I’m not sure if it was me or the children, but obviously Clay is portrayed in the role of oppressed peasant protagonist. Fair enough, considering it is his article he can have creative license to anything he puts his name on, however, there are many sides to a story and sometimes the tyrant isn’t so bad after all. Especially when her serfs are inattentive, laggard, and rebellious." She also went on to list the reasons why she behaved the way she did. 

Lara's Instagram page shows that the former cheerleader loves spending time with her boys and her family and the couple also took their kids on trips to Washington DC. She shared a picture with her son and husband once and captioned it, "Our 7th grader’s first trip to DC, and I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to top it. Thank you to everyone there for being so gracious and kind on our visit." They celebrated their 16th anniversary in August 2020.