Cole Sprouse snaps at 'baseless accusations' over romance with Lili Reinhart: 'Eat my delectable plump a**'

Cole Sprouse snaps at 'baseless accusations' over romance with Lili Reinhart: 'Eat my delectable plump a**'
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Being a celebrity gains unwarranted opinions and tasteless accusations on a daily basis, now add a public relationship to that and people feel as though they are entitled to every detail of it. Current victim? 'Riverdale' star, Cole Sprouse, who plays the role of Jughead Jones alongside his real-life girlfriend Lili Reinhart, 23, who plays the role of Betty Cooper in the CW show.

Sprouse, 27, who's a twin brother to Dylan Sprouse, took to Instagram to clap back at fans amid his romance with 'Riverdale' co-star Lili Reinhart. From being targeted with death threats and being doxxed, Sprouse took to Instagram on April 19 to open up about his frustrations with so-called fans.

Knowing Sprouse and his amazing and artistic grid on Instagram, he saved his rant for his Instagram stories - a well-warranted rant at that. Having have had enough of people stepping past his comfort zone, Sprouse chose a dark background with white font, to explain the drudgery. "I tolerate a lot of rumors and slander from people online claiming to be my fans. Fans who feel entitled to my privacy precisely because I never indulged them. But attacking my friends, baseless accusations, leaking my address, and sending death threats are all qualities of insanity and fanaticism. Choose humanity stop being [a clown]," wrote the actor.

Known for his role as Cody Martin on the Disney Channel series 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,' Sprouse is no stranger to the spotlight. Now though, being older and in a public relationship, his status with his girlfriend is subject to a large audience and undomesticated opinions. The duo, who have, for the most part, kept their relationship private, were first linked together in 2017. Recently, fans who seem to have noticed a lack of social media posts with the duo speculated that Sprouse may not only be having problems with Reinhart but has also been linked to supermodel Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, 18.

"When I first stepped into a public relationship this was one of the foreseeable consequences. And while I never truly intend to indulge any part of my private life to the ravenous horde, it’s clear my restraint in updating them has allowed them to push their own agenda onto my habits and lifestyle," continued Sprouse. While the duo are very private about their relationship, they have taken to social media to post sweet and artsy tributes to their love a few times over the years.

Known for his demand for decency and bold audacity, Sprouse ended his rant, quite efficiently saying, "So in conclusion - please eat my delectable plump a**. Making me post a damn white font Insta story like in twice-divorced mother of three." Kudos to Cole, excuse me, while we go laugh off the intense shade. Maybe, fans will back up with their unnecessary theories now and leave the sweet couple alone? Here's to hoping.

As for seeing the duo's on-screen romance in 'Riverdale', fans were disappointed to learn that like most productions, The CW hit show has delayed production for his fourth season. 


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