'Cobra Kai' Season 5 on Netflix: Viewers are in awe of the latest season, fans say 'this show feels like home everytime'

'Cobra Kai' Season 5 on Netflix: Viewers are in awe of the latest season, fans say 'this show feels like home everytime'
'Cobra Kai' Season 5 is captivating in its own humorous way (Netflix)

'Cobra Kai' has been breaking bounds when it comes to its viewership! Fans, be it, Gen Z or boomers, everyone equally loves the show, as the storyline helps both generations relate. It is thrilling to see the love it receives from fans all over the world. 

The latest season of 'Cobra Kai' has been the most entertaining according to fans. It showcases the extreme terror Terry Silver has been inflicting in the Valley and how Miyagi Do of LaRusso and Miyagi Fang of Lawrence are again coming together to teach the kids unity and get rid of Silver. The two nemeses of LaRusso, Chozen, (Yuji Okumoto) and Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), join the fight to protect the Valley as well. Just like how Silver shook things up for 'Cobra Kai' and joined forces with Kreese, Chozen is seen to be able to help Daniel restore Miyagi-Do to its former glory as seen in the series. After all, Daniel and Johnny could use some help right about now as Kreese again broke out of jail. Read more to know how the fans reacted. 


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'Cobra Kai' season 5 has done remarkably well when it comes to critic reviews and is standing tall with 8.5 ratings on IMDb. Fans are left in awe of this season as well. After binge-watching this season, the fans made their soulful duty to give their ratings on Twitter! The reactions were in favor of this season and some fans even thought this was the best season to air till now, and expressed how they cannot wait for the next season.

A fan said, "Omg I literally got chills and waves of goosies up & down my legs in the last scene of S5 E5 when it’s obvious that the whole crew is gonna gear up to take Silver down! Best season since 1 and the 80s nods and music is rad! Bravo! #cobrakai #miyagidojo." A fan mentioned, "I need season six of cobra kai i need to know what happens next #CobraKai." "Szn 5 #CobraKai was legit only problem is it makes me want to fight," said a fan. A fan commented, "This show feels like home everytime..it’s just perfect #CobraKai #CobraKaiSeason5." A fan wrote, "I freaking love #CobraKai and the new season is packed with punches, kicks, and feels for days." A fan expressed, "Cobra kai is on the road to being #that show @CobraKaiSeries @jonhurwitz #CobraKaiSeason5 #CobraKai." A fan tweeted, "I just finished #CobraKai season 5 and without any doubt, this was my favorite season so far. My God, how a show like this manages to maintain momentum with every season and get better as it continues is almost unheard of. This was absolutely worth the wait. #nomercy." 








'Cobra Kai' Season 5 is currently airing on Netflix.

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