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'Cobra Kai' Season 5 Ending Explained: Kreese eloping from the hospital stirs a NEW twist

The first question is how long the new found friendship between Tori and Sam is going to last?
UPDATED SEP 12, 2022
'Cobra Kai' Season 5 production still featuring  Gianni DeCenzo, Tanner Buchanan, Griffin Santopietro, Jacob Bertrand, Aedin Mincks, Mary Mouser, Nathaniel Oh, Khalil Everage (Netflix)
'Cobra Kai' Season 5 production still featuring Gianni DeCenzo, Tanner Buchanan, Griffin Santopietro, Jacob Bertrand, Aedin Mincks, Mary Mouser, Nathaniel Oh, Khalil Everage (Netflix)

'Cobra Kai' Season 5 is here and it is time to solve all the complications from the last season 5. It is time for redemption and Sensei La Russo (Ralph Macchio) to correct the wrongdoings of Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). The last season showcases how Tory (Peyton List) wins the All Valley Karate Tournament leading up to LaRusso taking a vital action of leaving Karate behind. The latest season starts with showing Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) at the family pool of the LaRusso family when Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) walks in on him butt naked!

However, she reminds Daniel that she thought he has left all the Karate drama behind after all that went down after the All Valley Karate Tournament when Daniel convinces her how all the dojo's kids are in trouble if Terry keeps on his expansion. It is time for the Miyagi-Do Karate, and Eagle Fang Karate to get their vengeance as they tolerated all the wrongs inflicted on them by Terry Silver several times in the past and teach him a long-awaited lesson but the 'Cobra Kai' sensei has different plans. The fight between good and evil continues but who’s going to be the winner this time? Let’s find out what happened at the end of Season 5.


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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Ending Explained

'Cobra Kai' Season 5 shows how the All Valley Tournament has scattered everyone which leads them to choose to be content with the other aspects of their life. Even though everyone is okay with this decision LaRusso makes it his ultimate goal to take down Terry Silver with the help of his once enemy and now friend, Chozen. LaRusso does not immediately resume his position as Sensei because he is too involved and determined to take down Silver so he pans out plans and reaches out to an old battle friend, Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) as he thinks Silver reached out to the bad boy of Karate again, so it is completed with espionage work and a couple of hilarious misunderstandings. After a while, when LaRusso feels there is no way out and gives up on the hope of being able to take down Terry is when his wife, Amanda convinces him to fight against the evil and reclaim his position as Sensei. 

Johnny joins the fight and stands beside Daniel and once again rejoins the two Dojos together, and trains the two groups together and train them to fight against 'Cobra Kai' for the Sekai Taikai entrance exam to prove themselves worthy to the Sekai Taikai authorities and join the competition. After qualifying the adults of the show go out clubbing to take a night off and celebrate Cameron's pregnancy while the kids are celebrating at Johnny's house. Later, in the episode, Mike invades the car ride and leaves LaRusso stranded as Johnny and Chozen choose to side with Mike to fight against Silver and take him down. 

On the other hand, the kids plan to invade the 'Cobra Kai' flagship dojo to take it down with the help of one opponent and a new friend Tory to seek the CCTV footage where Silver is caught talking to Tory about why he paid off the referee at the All Valley Tournament and upload it to reveal the truth about Silver's intention. Tori chose to stand with 'Miyagi-Fangs' as she was filled with guilt of keeping such an unjust secret, portraying a facade of being a part of Silver's evil plan but in reality, she is just an undercover for Kreese, and lastly tired of making herself go through the daily torment of Silver's sadistic training methods.

However, as the kids knocked some sense into Raymond, he shows up at the LaRusso residence where Amanda and Cameron were chilling and takes them to Daniel, and recovers him to save the kids from the trouble they were in at the 'Cobra Kai's flagship dojo. After Barnes, Lawrence, and Chozen storm into Silver's house they get attacked by all the hired help Silver but they make it out alive beating all the goons although Chozen gets a little hurt meanwhile, Silver and Kim Da-Eun go to the flagship dojo to stop the kids from getting away with anything but Daniel and the other three reaches there sooner where Raymond fights off the kids who tried to stop them from entering the Dojo. 

Now let's move on to the more exciting part, the kids of the 'Miyagi-Fangs' group get betrayed by Mitch aka 'Penis breath' as he secretly joined Cobra Kai's group. The 'Miyagi-Fang' group holds off the 'Cobra Kai' dojo's kids till the video evidence gets successfully uploaded on the 'Cobra Kai' website when the students of 'Cobra Kai' back off which leaves Silver astonished and he tries to explain himself which doesn't help so he resorts to instigate Daniel, where LaRusso uses the techniques which Silver once taught him to defeat him. Raymond retracts his witness statement which only creates a longer sentence for Silver as he gets arrested. The moment when Lawrence and LaRusso were having a sense of relief is when a police officer there broke the news of Kreese escaping.

'Cobra Kai' Season 5 is currently airing on Netflix