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CNN DEBUNKS claims that Lauren Boebert was an escort and had two abortions

Rumors that began circulating claimed Lauren Boebert was introduced to Sen Ted Cruz after a member of the Koch family hired her as an escort
UPDATED JUN 28, 2022
CNN also refuted claims that Lauren Boebert advertised her services on a “sugar daddy” website (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)
CNN also refuted claims that Lauren Boebert advertised her services on a “sugar daddy” website (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale has refuted rumors that Rep Lauren Boebert once worked as an escort, had two abortions, and advertised her services on a “sugar daddy” website. These uncorroborated claims were started online by American Muckrakers PAC. This is known to be a Democratic Party-aligned super PAC that unearthed compromising videos of Rep Madison Cawthorn (R-NC).

Rumors that began circulating claimed that Boebert (R-Colo) was introduced to Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after a member of the Koch family hired her as an escort. Denying the claims, Boebert has threatened to take legal action against the super PAC.


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On CNN, Dale confirmed to the viewers that David Wheeler, the super PAC co-founder, “acknowledged to me that all five of these [claims] were indeed inaccurate, but that his group still stands by what he calls the main points of the allegations, all of which Boebert vehemently denies.”


“But so far the PAC has not provided corroborating evidence to prove the so-called main points,” said Dale. “And Mr. Wheeler acknowledges that they’ve gotten a bunch of other things wrong.” Dale continued, "The PAC published a photo of a woman posing on a bed in a tight dress", adding, “One of their anonymous sources claimed that she had gotten this photo from the page the super PAC claims Boebert had on”

"Well, the photo is not actually of Lauren Boebert. It is a photo of a different woman. How do I know? Well, it was on that woman’s old profile on a modeling website," Dale said, displaying the photo. “The woman told me directly last week that it was her.” Dale added that Wheeler suggested that the woman in question was lying. However, the woman then provided “more evidence including an old hard copy of the bed photo and another photo of herself in that same dress.”

"Well, the photo is not actually of Lauren Boebert," Daniel Dale (L) said (CNN)

Dale said that Wheeler eventually acknowledged that the woman in the picture was not her. Wheeler also blamed “our source [having] mixed that up with something else", according to Dale. Wheeler’s group had also claimed that Boebert had an abortion in the fall of 2004. Dale stated that Boebert, who is a pro-life advocate, denied the claims. 

The congresswoman had given birth to a boy in March 2005. Dale pointed out that therefore, "fall 2004 seemed like an implausible timeline." “When I pointed out her son’s birth date Mr. Wheeler said the 2004 claim was a typo by our social media guy even though it was on their website and he changed the page to say fall of 2005,” said Dale.

CNN refuted claims that Lauren Boebert had two abortions (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Dale also refuted claims that Boebert was hired as an escort by a member of the Koch family, who later introduced her to Cruz during a ski trip to Aspen. American Muckrakers PAC claimed that Boebert accepted at least $136,250 from Cruz and used the money to run for Congress in 2019. “Again, Boebert denies she was ever an escort,” said Dale. “She also denies having met or spoken to Cruz until after she won her 2020 primary. And told me it has ‘no record’ of Boebert ever using the site.”

Dale then went on to refute claims that Boebert failed to report a $70,500 donation from Cruz. “But that’s just not true. She did report it quickly,” Dale said. “The donation from Cruz’s so-called Victory Fund, which backed more than 20 GOP candidates in that election — Boebert was not unusual — came in September 2020 and Boebert’s campaign reported it in its quarterly finance report in October 2020.” He added, "That is quick, that is prompt.”

"I can neither prove true nor prove false some of this PAC’s story about Boebert,” Dale went on to say. "It is theoretically possible, sure, that some parts could maybe be proven accurately eventually. But so far, at least, the PAC has not released substantiating proof and is asking people to just trust them.” He added, "And given how much the PAC has gotten wrong in what it has actually released so far, I think it would be quite understandable if a lot of people were just not feeling all that trusting.”