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Chris Laundrie looks 'disturbingly happy' with FBI officer amid looking for son Brian

Photos showed Chris Laundrie sharing a light moment with investigators at Carlton Reserve. The Internet even said the cop resembles Brian
Chris Laundrie leaves for Carlton Reserve in his red truck to assist the FBI in a search for his fugitive son Brian Laundrie (Twitter/lailabelle24 and Instagram/ gabspetito)
Chris Laundrie leaves for Carlton Reserve in his red truck to assist the FBI in a search for his fugitive son Brian Laundrie (Twitter/lailabelle24 and Instagram/ gabspetito)

After much backlash and condemnation, Christopher Laundrie joined the FBI and the North Port Police Department in their hunt for his son Brian Laundrie. However, photos from his first day on the job have quickly brought more fury online, as he was seen laughing and cracking a joke with an officer. The internet was quick to condemn Chris, given that his son is still missing after being involved in the death of Gabby Petito.

Over the past several weeks, the Laundrie family has been at the center of a major firestorm on social media, and in the public. Both parents were initially kept out of the public eye, before Brian's sister Cassie urged her parents to "come clean" on October 4. The pressure led to Chris joining the hunt for Laundrie at Carlton Reserve, where a new campsite was found, believed to be used by Brian. 


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Police have been searching the massive preserve for weeks now, but have only made significant gains in the past several days after Dog the Bounty Hunter joined in. Along with his presence, the constant media attention has given investigators a lot of new leads. There is also an active arrest warrant out for Brian, but two weeks after he went missing, it's proving to be a great challenge to locate him.

A general view of the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve in Venice, Florida. (Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Chris Laundrie spotted sharing a smile

The viral photos of Chris were taken posted on The Daily Mail, who followed investigators as they hunted the vast 24,565-acre reserve. On October 7, Chris stepped out of his house for the first time to assist with the hunt, after officers found remains of a "fresh" campsite the day before. According to The Mail, Chris arrived at the park near Venice before 10 am and waited for officers and park rangers to open up the reserve.

Chris Laundrie seen at the Carlton Reserve on October 7, 2021, with an officer. ( Twitter)

He then went with five FBI officers as they searched areas of the park Brian was known to frequent. After a couple of hours though, it appears no progress was made and Chris returned home. His involvement was confirmed by the Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino, who told The Mail, "Chris Laundrie is assisting Law Enforcement today in the search for Brian," and added he was "asked to point out any favorite trails or spots that Brian may have used in the preserve." 

There's also some confusion about who exactly invited Chris to the hunt. Bertolino said the North Port PD asked him to come in, but a spokesperson for the department denied that, saying, "in no world would we be the agency asking the family to help search in an FBI-led investigation." The lawyer was later forced to correct himself and say "perhaps" it came from "a liaison to the FBI."

But that's not the whole story. While at the reserve, Chris was photographed sharing a smile with an FBI officer who eerily looks like Brian, sending social media into a frenzy.

'How can you be this happy when your son is missing?'

As soon as the Mail published the photos, social media was quick to slam Chris. One user said, "Really f-----g weird. Did #ChrisLaundrie just win the lotto?" Another commented, "Chris laundrie looks disturbingly happy to be a “worried parent assisting in a search for his ‘missing’ child” he also seems quite comfortable with law enforcement.. what is really going on here? major red flags IMO." Another user noted, "I absolutely love the fact Chris Laundrie screwed up his attorneys chance at cultivating a “ cooperative father desperate to find his fugitive son” image by having a laughing session caught on camera! Will be used in court to prove otherwise!"




"#chrislaundrie on his grueling search for his son #brianlaundrie is either very happy to be away from his wife and out of the house…or happy spending time with LE today! Thoughts? How can you be this happy when your son is missing unless you know exactly where he is," one user noted. Another tweeted, "This is so inappropriate, if not creepy. Yep #Chrislaundrie really was worried about #BrianLaudrie this morning. Must be nice to laugh the worry/concern away #SMMFH."



Others though, were more preoccupied with the FBI agent accompanying Chris. "Why the FBI agent that was with Chris Laundrie today looked like Brian Laundrie," one person asked. Another commented, "Looks like #BrianLaundrie is in the #FBI as he and his father #ChrisLaundrie have a nice time and share a laugh today."



The FBI has been searching the Carlton Reserve since September 17, but the "fresh" campsite is the first significant lead they've had. As we previously reported, there are also rumors Laundrie has fled Florida for other states, or even Mexico or the Bahamas.