Will Brian Laundrie's sister turn him in? Cassie Laundrie asks parents to 'come clean'

'I don't know if my parents are involved. I think if they are, then they should come clean,' Cassie Laundrie urged

                            Will Brian Laundrie's sister turn him in? Cassie Laundrie asks parents to 'come clean'
Cassie Laundrie has requested her parents to "come clean" (Twitter/Jonathan Lee Riches)

After confirming that her brother visited Florida on August 17, Brian Laundrie's sister Cassie Laundrie has insisted that she is completely unaware of his present whereabouts. She further mentioned that she would herself "turn him in" if she found out where Brian Laundrie is.  Cassie also implored her parents to "come clean" in case they know anything about Gabby Petito's death and Brian's subsequent disappearance. 

While it would seem that Brian Laundrie's sister Cassie Laundrie is getting thrown under the bus by her family for talking to the press, her statements have been crucial to understanding the timeline for Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito’s disappearance and death. Addressing protesters and reporters outside her Lakewood Ranch home Monday, October 4, Cassie confirmed that Brian flew home to Florida from the western US at some point on or before August 17. As it has been famously documented now, the couple was pulled over, questioned, and separated by police officers in Moab, Utah, on August 12 after reports of domestic violence.


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Speaking to GMA, Cassie Laundrie remarked that she is unsure about what to think of the entire case, surrounding Gabby Petito's tragic murder and fiance Brian Laundrie's alleged role in it. "No, I do not know where Brian is... I'd turn him in," Cassie shared with conviction. 

However, she was not so sure about the extent of her parents Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, regarding their knowledge of the case. After saying that her family has thrown her under the bus, Cassie added that she was angered by her parents' lawyer Steve Bertolino alleging her account of the case was botched. She urged, "I don't know if my parents are involved. I think if they are, then they should come clean."

Brian Laundrie's sister mentioned meeting him on September 1, when he visited her home with his parents. She met him for the last time on September 6, when Brian, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie were camping at Fort De Soto Park. Recalling the meeting, she shared, "We just went for a couple of hours and we ate dinner and had s'mores around the campfire and left, and there was nothing peculiar about it. There was no feeling of grand goodbye. There was no nothing. I'm frustrated that, in hindsight, I didn't pick up on anything."

Cassie appeared to be quite upset and exhausted by the complicated turn of events, as she suggested, "I really wish he had come to me first that day with the van because I don't think we'd be here. I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess."

It remains to be seen if Brian Laundrie takes the advice of his sister and turns himself in, in case he is deliberately hiding from the law. 

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