'Christmas at Castle Hart': 5 things to know about Lacey Chabert

The movie also features Start Townsend, Ali Hardiman and Aoife Spratt in pivotal roles

                            'Christmas at Castle Hart': 5 things to know about Lacey Chabert
Lacey Chabert and Ali Hardiman in 'Christmas at Castle Hart' (Hallmark)

The exciting Christmas season is just around the corner and it is the best time to have a get-together with your loved ones to celebrate the happy occasion. The season of celebrations is just upon us and everyone can’t wait to get out and have an amazing time. However, if you want to stay inside your house and enjoy the occasion with a glass of wine in your hand, then Hallmark has something special coming for you.

Hallmark’s latest offering ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ will give you all the feels with an enchanting love story. The film will see Brooke and sister Margot get mixed up in an Earl's affair and throw a wild party in his castle. Royalty, glamour, and an impromptu conversion to party planners promise to make the Christmas flick a fun one.  The movie joins the impressive list of films like ‘Christmas under the Stars’, ‘Making Spirits Bright’ and ‘Next Stop, Christmas’ that are all set to make your holiday season even better.


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‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ features an amazing cast that will take you on a magical journey. Take a look at the cast.

Lacey Chabert as Brooke Bennett

One of the most prominent names in the industry, Lacey Chabert has been a part of Hollywood since 1991. The actress began her acting career by doing a bunch of Broadway shows, laying a strong foundation for her career. Chabert played the role of Cosette in ‘Les Misérables’ on Broadway before taking the role of Claudia Salinger in ‘Party of Five’. Chabert made her big-screen debut in the late 1990s, starring as Penny Robinson in the space thriller ‘Lost in Space’ (1998).

She gained a lot of recognition after playing the role of Gretchen Wieners in the 2004 movie ‘Mean Girls’. Chabert, alongside Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried, won the 2005 MTV Movie Award for "Best On-Screen Team" for ‘Mean Girls’.



Chabert has appeared in 27 Hallmark movies and is referred to as the “Queen of Hallmark Christmas Movies”. 

Stuart Townsend as Aiden Hart

Born on December 15, 1972, the Irish actor-turned-director made his professional stage debut in ‘True Lines’ in 1994. His early film roles were in Irish short films, including ‘Godsuit’ and ‘Summertime’, before landing a role in the feature-length film, ‘Trojan Eddie’ in ‘1996. The actor made his Hollywood debut in 2000 with the movie ‘About Adam’ and had a cameo appearance in the film.

In 2003, he worked with legendary actors like Sean Connery and Naseeruddin Shah in ‘The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman’.



Since then, he has appeared on projects such as ‘Aeon Flux’, ‘A Stranger in Paradise’, ‘Night Stalker’, ‘Elementary’ and ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’. 

Ali Hardiman as Margot Bennett

A relatively new name to become a part of the industry, Ali Hardiman is an actress who made her debut in the 2017 TV series ‘Assassins’ and went on to star in short films like ‘Leave to Remain’ and ‘Breastfriends’. Hardiman’s first major acting role came in 2020 with the TV series ‘Blast from the Past’ where she played the role of Zoe. 

Ali Hardiman (theagency.ie)


Aoife Spratt as Siobhan Hart

The actress began her acting career in 2012 with a couple of short movies and had her first major acting role in the TV series ‘Storyland’. Spratt was recently seen in movies such as ‘Poster Boys’ and ‘You Are Not My Mother’.



Excited about ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’? Catch the upcoming romantic movie on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, November 27, at 8 pm EST. 

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