'American Song Contest': Who is Christian Pagan? Puerto Rico's pride set to perform 'Loko'

'American Song Contest': Who is Christian Pagan? Puerto Rico's pride set to perform 'Loko'
Christian Pagan from 'American Song Contest' (Instagram - @christian_pagan)

Christian Pagan is one of the many talented contestants who will be seen competing on NBC's biggest show yet, 'American Song Contest'. The Puerto Rican musician is also an actor by profession and had his name put on the music map when he won 'Idol Puerto Rico', a reality TV competition that finds blossoming solo artists with immense talent. During his time on the competition, Pagan displayed both his diverse vocals coupled with some solid theatrical abilities.

Pagan's album titled, 'Mas de lo Que Soy' was an instant hit, and placed at No. 6 on Billboard's Latin Pop Albums list. Clearly, the man was born to shine! In addition to his magical voice, the actor was part of the telenovela called, 'Guerra de Idolos'. During his time on this show, he didn't hold back from expressing his musical talents as well, something that came to him almost naturally. Pagan is now hoping to blow audiences away on the show hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson


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Most of Pagan's inspiration for his different and unique music masterpieces stems from the Latin tones of both Reggaeton and Salsa! His songs have even been used in shows like 'Tequila pa la razon' and 'Cuando te veo'. We sure are ecstatic to see Pagan compete against some of the legends in the music industry in itself, like Michael Bolton, Kelsey Lamb and many more.

Being someone who plays multiple instruments including the piano, drums, and guitar, Pagan not only has a deep passion for music but also studies the same at school! He sincerely feels honored to be representing his homeland of Puerto Rico, known as the Island of Enchantment. Each of Pagan's pieces are a complex blend of the various styles of music that he was exposed to and picked up during his childhood. He then combined these varied genres to manifest and create his own music, showcasing it to the world. 

A fun fact is that Pagan heard about 'American Song Contest' through his friend, making him instantly excited at just the potential possibility of performing on a stage where each artist will be blessed enough to display their original songs to the public. Pagan firmly believes that every stage of life has been a massive learning curve and feels that these said experiences are what helped mould himself into the artist he is at present. 

Pagan has his mind set on performing his song "Loko", an original with a classic Latin touch to it. This song has evolved quite extensively to begin with. He and his co-writers went through multiple iterations, in terms of every aspect of the song. In time, he finished working on the lyrics with the talented Desmond Child, wrapping up with finally being ready to record it.

The lyrics to "Loko" is a combination of both English and Spanish, which works perfectly to help connect with a global audience. Having said that, the premise of the music is derived from Pagan's strong desire to pursue and win over a strong, confident, and beautiful woman. Sure does sound intriguing! What's more, Pagan's strong vocals coupled with the magical and mesmerizing tones of his bilingual Latin masterpiece are sure to have the audience vibing to the music and "getting their dance on". 

The prodigy has plenty of experience with multiple albums and singles up his sleeve, especially after he signed a record deal with Universal Music. This was right after he won the 'Idol Puerto Rico', which gave him a strong understanding of the kind of music his audience likes to hear.

Further, Pagan made note of this observation, which definitely played an imperative role in his creation of 'Loko'; a piece that's not just an artistic expression of himself but is also one that's sure to entertain just about anyone who listens to it. The Puerto Rican represent is beyond ready to set the stage on fire, leaving the audience with an experience of a lifetime. 

The competitive show is based on the famous 'Eurovision' game show, tuned in by millions of people every year. 'American Song Contest' will see 56 artists, representing the 50 states of the United States of America; the five territories (Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands) as well as the the capital, Washington DC. 

'American Song Contest' releases on March 21, 2022, at 7 pm ET, only on NBC. 

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