Who is Christian Guardino? ‘AGT’ golden buzzer winner was legally blind at 6 months

Who is Christian Guardino? ‘AGT’ golden buzzer winner was legally blind at 6 months
Christian Guardino (Photo by Instagram@christianguardino)

Camryn Champion, Normandy, Taylor Jalen Fagens, and Danielle Finn among others were some of the contestants on the premiere episode of ‘American Idol’ season 20 who managed to impress the judges namely Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. In fact, a singer named HunterGirl even earned the first platinum ticket of the season thus raising the bar of the competition.
The second episode of the new season will be aired on Sunday, March 6 that will see contestants like Kelsie Dolin, Kenedi Anderson, Isaiah Jaay, and Aaron Westberry among a few others. Christian Guardino is another singer who auditioned for the singing reality show and will be seen trying to serenade the judges with his powerful vocals. Guardino, interestingly, is not new to reality shows as he was earlier spotted on ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2017. 
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Who is Christian Guardino?

Christian Guardino is a 20-year-old crooner from Long Island, New York. The talented singer has been making waves in the industry ever since he first appeared on ‘America’s Got Talent’. Guardino was 16 when he shot to fame with his audition on the talent hunt show. For the unversed, Guardino received the rare Golden Buzzer on the show from Howie Mandel after he performed his rendition of Jackson 5’s ‘Who’s Loving You’. Going straight to the semi-finals he later exhibited his singing skills on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Make it Rain’ and Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ before finally going back home.
Christian Guardino enjoys a very active social media life and has close to 24K followers on Instagram. The young singer regularly posts videos of him covering different songs along with his live performances at different venues. Taking to Instagram, Guardino most recently shared a picture of his from ‘American Idol’ audition season 20 and captioned the post as, “I am SO freakin’ excited! Praying hard for that Golden Ticket to HOLLYWOOD! Y’all gonna watch with me.” In another post, he had revealed how 2022 was a super exiting year for him already. Guardino has dropped three singles so far namely ‘Missing Part of Me’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘Wishful Thinking’.







Christian Guardino was born with a degenerative disease

Christian Guardino was born with a degenerative disease called Leber congenital amaurosis that affects the retina. The disease left him legally blind when he was just six months old. The vision further declined at age 12 but his mother got in touch with a Facebook support group that eventually led to Guardino undergoing a new type of gene therapy at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He later gained much of his vision back.
Christian Guardino in an interview with Fox News earlier stated, “Growing up it was always hard for me to see anything, so that vision that I did have, I had to really work to use it.” He added, “I remember growing up and not being able to do as many things as everyone else was able to do… They’d be playing all these games and all I remember is sitting with my parents by a light inside the house.”

After the therapy, Guardino shared, “I have been able to see such incredible things since the gene therapy, like the moon, the stars, the sunsets, fireworks, snow falling- just so many things that I have had the opportunity to witness. And I can’t take any of those things for granted."


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