Who is Mercedes Myrick? 'Married at First Sight' star Chris Williams and ex-fiancee's messy relationship timeline

Chris Williams seems to have landed himself in quite a sticky situation regarding his ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick

                            Who is Mercedes Myrick? 'Married at First Sight' star Chris Williams and ex-fiancee's messy relationship timeline
Chris Williams (Lifetime) and Mercedes Myrick (@ Mercedes Myrick/ Facebook)

With the never-ending drama surrounding one single castmate, Season 13 of 'Married at First Sight' might as well be called the 'Chris Williams Show'. This week, fans saw Williams finally come clean that he is going to be a father as he got his ex-fiancee pregnant. His new wife, Paige Banks, honestly cannot seem to catch a break, seeing that he told her he was not attracted to her.

This week ushered in a whole new set of drama, as Banks soon found out that he was not only very recently engaged to another woman but also got her pregnant. Banks, who has been nothing but patient and understanding seems to be reaching her limit. Seeing that Williams' relationship with his ex-fiancee ended quite recently, there is a bit of curiosity around who this mystery woman is.


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Williams' ex-fiancee's name is Mercedes Myrick

With Williams' constant chatter about how Banks is not the 'typical woman' he goes for, there is a lot of curiosity regarding just who is his type. Enter Mercedes Myrick, Williams' ex-fiance. As per StarsOffline, she is on Instagram, but her profile is private. She is active on Facebook, where she posts regularly.

Myrick has worked at NBA TV, Atlanta, and as a Digital Content Producer for Bleacher Report. As per her Instagram bio, she was a former sports analyst and is now a lawyer. StarsOffline also reported that her net worth was somewhere under $200,000.

Why did the couple fall out?


Williams and Myrick got engaged back in February 2020 and all seemed to be going well between the couple. Fans even unearthed a video of their engagement celebration. Williams claims that the couple was together till May 2020, they broke up somewhere around this time. Around June 2020 is when Williams' child was conceived, pointing towards the fact that Williams was well aware of the child before he could join the 'Married at First Sight' cast. However, recently, a YouTuber by the name of Janice Hylton exposed what might just be the real truth. According to Hylton, Williams didn't get Myrick pregnant, but he got her cousin pregnant, which is what led to them calling off their engagement and breaking up. Hylton claims that her sources are people who know Williams personally, seeing that they belong to Myrick's circle.

She's had a few opinions about this season

While Myrick isn't active on Instagram, she is active on Facebook and has said a few things to say about the show, although all of them seem to be rather cryptic. Her most recent post came today, where she addressed two topics: Reality TV and the death of her father. Myrick did not appreciate personal life being spoken about on national TV.

The post read, "With all due respect my fathers death is personal and tragic... I’ve chosen peace this whole time but I will choose violence about that. Not fair. Please respect my privacy about that I’m ok with everything else. But sharing my fathers obituary is just plain gross. Do better ppl it’s a reality tv show. Everything is not for entertainment. I respect everyone and their decisions, post what you want about me or the situation but that’s plain heartless." She also spoke about last week's episode, saying that reality TV is no more than reality TV.

Mercedes Myrick/ Facebook
Mercedes Myrick/ Facebook

With rumors around the fact that Myrick might be on the show later on to clear the air, we're curious to see what does down between Williams, Banks and Myrick.

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