Who is Chris Williams' baby mama? YouTuber says 'Married At First Sight' star's ex-fiancee isn't the one

Paige Banks can't seem to catch a break when it comes to her husband Chris Williams and this situation seems to be getting worse

                            Who is Chris Williams' baby mama? YouTuber says 'Married At First Sight' star's ex-fiancee isn't the one
Chris Williams and wife Paige Banks from 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)

When it comes to Chris Williams and his drama, there honestly seems to be no end in sight. The latest episode of 'Married at First Sight' had Chris Williams finally come clean to his wife Paige Banks and his castmates regarding the fact that he got his ex-fiancée pregnant. And in classic Chris Williams fashion, this confessional was followed by waterworks, to garner some sympathy from Banks.

But this confessional aside, turns out, his story might just be even more messier than we think. While so far Chris Williams has maintained that it was his ex-fiancée that got pregnant, something about that story didn't add up — the timeline. In a story by ScreenRant, Williams and his ex-fiancée Mercedes Myrick got engaged in February 2020. As per the timeline, the baby is believed to have been conceived sometime around June of 2020. However, Myrick and Williams were not quarantining together and there is no proof of the same This doesn't add up, seeing that the couple called off their engagement in May 2020. The more you think about it, the fishier it all seems and turns out, the truth behind it all is pretty shocking.


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New information has recently surfaced with YouTuber Janice Hylton exposing what might just be the real truth — allegedly, Williams didn't get Myrick pregnant, but he got her cousin pregnant, which is what led to them calling off their engagement and breaking up. Hylton claims that her sources are people who know Williams personally and they belong to Myrick's circle. The situation only gets worse — because as per this information, Williams knew about the child before coming on to the show. There are also rumors that Myrick herself might come on the show to clear the air, seeing that Williams claims the child is with his her.

However, seeing that Paige Banks has suffered enough humiliation at his hands, we honestly hope it doesn't take a massive showdown for her to see the light. While the latest episode does have her confiding in Briana Morris about her situation, we also see Williams and Banks talk it out later. Banks makes it pretty clear that if she had to and could make a decision right now, she'd walk away.


Williams begins with a whole monologue about how Banks is an amazing, smart, intelligent Black woman and that experts did a great job at matching them together. "I'll support you with whatever decision you make, if you stay, if you go, I'll support you. If you go, I might chase after you" is what he had to say, changing his tune from what it was after the day of their wedding when the two seemed to have a fight, on account of the fact that he found her unattractive.

"But if you stay, let's do it. Stepmom, have you thought about that at all? Being a stepmom?" he added. Banks seemed to get into some dilemma especially after Williams offered her a single rose. The interaction was frustrating to watch since the current outcome between the two remains undecided. Fingers crossed — we hope Banks see the light and runs in the opposite direction.

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