‘Married At First Sight’: Why did Chris Williams ask about Paige Banks' virginity? Fans say he is 'just ugh!'

They might have barely known each other for a few hours, but that did not stop Williams from asking his new wife about her virginity

                            ‘Married At First Sight’: Why did Chris Williams ask about Paige Banks' virginity? Fans say he is 'just ugh!'
Chris Williams and Paige Banks (Lifetime)

There's no two ways about it. This season of 'Married At First Sight' already has its villain and it's Paige Banks' new husband Chris Williams. Right off the bat, fans did not take a liking to the self-proclaimed 'self-made man', seeing that he is not only extremely materialistic but was also hiding the news that his ex-fiancee is pregnant with his child. To make matters worse, he ended that relationship just a few months ago before marrying Banks.

Banks, who is looking to start a family and wants a happy and healthy relationship with her husband might not find what she's looking for in Williams. Their journey from strangers to a married couple only got worse over the course of this episode. Williams made it plenty clear that he thought she was 'beautiful in her own way' but she wasn't the kind of woman he is usually attracted to.

That didn't stop him from commenting on her assets to her bridesmaids, no less. Banks' bride squad was not having it and told Williams while Banks is beautiful, he needs to understand her soul. His 'honeymoon baby' comment didn't sit well with them either. They felt as though he was being highly inappropriate. While one of Banks friends played devil's advocate, saying that it might be just his sense of humor, Williams proved that it might be more than it. He asked Banks about her virginity and even spoke about how often he masturbates, all over the course of their first meal. Banks looked like she honestly didn't know how to react, and neither did the viewers. The couple's entire conversation just kept going from bad to worse. 

"Chris is just ugh! I try to be open minded, but THIS is the convo that gets you to smile. #mafs" said a fan, appalled by his questions. "She ain't on the pill and he tryina shoot up her club. Meanwhile Paige's V just dried up like the Sahara #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" said another, with regard to the fact that he asked if she was on birth control. "What is wrong with Chris? Does he have a sex addiction? Because he only talks about sex! #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" pointed another, seeing that sex and money was all Williams spoke about, through the evening. "Nobody: Chris: masturbation helps me eat #mafs #marriedatfirstsight help me understand this conversation " tweeted a fan and honestly, we'd like an explanation too.





The situation only got worse when William's father gave Banks questionable advice, when she asked her new in-laws for some wisdom. He was quick to tell her how hard Williams hustles, so when he comes home 'he requires the touch of a woman.' Fans were extremely disgusted by these comments. "Chris and his dad are giving me rapist vibes. they’re way too forceful with their sexual questions and advice #MAFS" tweeted a fan, voicing their concern.

"Chris being a Black Man former pastor and his dad being a Black man current pastor...so God fearing... showing out like this on TV. Really disturbing but not surprising. I have heard too many stories (from the church) that align with their actions. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS" said another, pointing out that there is a lot more to the situation than meets the eye. "At least Chris' mom has some sense. Its real weird to hear you father-in-law say he wants grandkids and then give you tips on how to greet his son with sex when he comes home #MAFS" chimed another.




Fans seemed honestly worried for Banks, especially after the previews. "Chile Chris got a kid in the way and based on the previews him and Paige been raw dogging. Damn he might get his lil empire after all. #mafsatl #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" said one fan. "So we all see through Chris! However, Paige should of protected herself with all these red flags flying!!! From these previews, it looks like she let a lot slide! #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" tweeted another.



Will the couple be able to make their relationship work? Looks like we've to wait until next week's episode to find out. 

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