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EVEN-HES-A SCROOGE! Chris Cuomo trolled for buying wreaths hours after rant AGAINST Christmas

Chris Cuomo complained that 'woke and cancel culture' are destroying his favorite holiday -Thanksgiving
UPDATED NOV 27, 2021
Chris Cuomo was spotted wreath shopping hours after bashing Christmas (Twitter/ @AmbientHex and Getty Images/ Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
Chris Cuomo was spotted wreath shopping hours after bashing Christmas (Twitter/ @AmbientHex and Getty Images/ Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Chris Cuomo should have really checked his back after making those remarks on radio. The journalist has been bashed on the Internet after he was spotted doing wreath shopping hours after trashing Christmas in a Thanksgiving rant about holidays and cancel culture fostered by “woke folks.” The TV journalist and his wife Cristina were seen Thursday, November 25, picking out their Christmas decorations in Amagansett, New York.

This came after on his SiriusXM radio podcast show -- Let’s Get After It -- Cuomo claimed that he likes Thanksgiving, but also added that “Christmas doesn’t do it for me. Halloween, candy, New Year’s, depressing”. The 51-year-old started by telling producer Vicki Vergolina that Thanksgiving is his “favorite holiday.” He stated, “In fact, it's really the only one I really like, I like Easter also in terms of like religious, like, that's the one for me. I love the message of rebirth and renewal. Boy, do we need that s***.”


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He then went on to claim that “Christmas doesn't do it for me. Halloween, candy, New Year's, depressing.” But when Vergolina asked, “Isn’t that also a rebirth and renewal?” He replied, “Well, it can be. But you know, it’s like one of the highest suicide points of the year. Um, you know, so that’s terrible. Right?”

Cuomo then went back to his favorite Thanksgiving and said, “This is my jam and… this is my jam!” He also complained that “woke” and cancel culture are destroying the national holiday. “And now you woke folk trying to kill it for me. Listen, man, you know, don’t come up at me with all this pilgrim stuff. I don’t give a damn about the pilgrims and the indigenous people, the Native Americans, the Indians, wherever, whatever, whatever group of them wants to be called. I don’t care about any of that,” he commented.

Cuomo also added that “I care about the suffrage. I care about the exploitation. But I don’t need that story for Thanksgiving. I don’t need it at all,” before concluding by asking the “woke folks” to “Stop seeing your happiness as a function of taking someone else down.”

Several on the Internet expressed their views over Cuomo’s remarks. A user tweeted, “How isn't that the truth doesn't matter to a CNN journalist? Really an adult with common sense already knew the story of Thanksgiving taught to us was mostly BS anyway.” The second one wrote, “Chris Cuomo gets told what to say.  His bosses told him that they're losing money rapidly and that they need to pivot a bit.  They saw what happened at the polls earlier this month.”




A person commented, “He is one of the ones who caused all this wokeness. What a moron.” Another one said, “Because he’s caught in the cross hairs, and his brother is a walking sexual harassment case. He’s still a bi*ch.” “Chris Cuomo bashes Christmas on TV over three weeks early and swiftly caught wreath shopping and looking like an elf on a shelf,” the third one stated.A tweet read, “He’s paid to push a narrative. Who doesn’t like Christmas?! @ChrisCuomo you’re a cunt.”