Did Chris Cuomo know about brother Andrew's sexual misconduct? Internet calls silence damaging

Social media dubbed Chris Cuomo a 'bigger piece of sh*t' for allegedly helping brother and Governor Andrew Cuomo cover up sexual assault claims

                            Did Chris Cuomo know about brother Andrew's sexual misconduct? Internet calls silence damaging
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with brother Chris Cuomo (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been largely MIA from the public eye in the wake of the bombshell sexual assault report filed against him by State Attorney General Letitia James. Meanwhile, social media was left furious with his brother and CNN presenter Chris Cuomo's silence on the whole matter. As reports of Chris allegedly helping Andrew frame answers to these allegations were also made public, Twitter is now abuzz with calls for CNN firing Chris for not addressing his brother's probe on air.

As social media debates whether or not Chris knew about Andrew's misconduct before the case was filed by the AG, the New York-based politician posted a bizarre video montage of himself touching multiple people, to prove he "never touched anyone inappropriately". Andrew's aide Melissa DeRosa has also been dubbed 'evil' for discrediting a sexual harassment accuser. But this is not the first time Chris is being accused of unethical journalism surrounding his brother's sexual assault scandal. Amid reports of CNN allegedly giving the presenter time off so he could properly advise the NY Guv on how to answer these allegations, the one grey area that hasn't been explored is how much did Chris actually know?


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A billboard urging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign is seen near downtown on March 2, 2021, in Albany, New York. The governor is facing calls to resign after women have come forward accusing him of unwanted advances (Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

While there has been no confirmation on the extent to which the TV presenter was briefed, it has been widely reported that Chris was in charge of advising Andrew and his team on how best to draft a response. After the allegations first broke out, CNN didn't just give Chris time off but also allowed the presenter to have his brother on air with him, laughing about the pandemic that many found sickening and disturbing.

And as news of the sexual assault allegations from 11 different women resurfaced, social media is livid that not only was Chris aware of Andrew's accusations, or completely refrained from addressing them on his show, but he also chose to have the governor on air for a completely different topic, making light of a crisis that has affected so many. This has led social media to be convinced that Chris was in on the mess as much as anybody. Insisting on his complicity, one user tweeted: "@ChrisCuomo In one interview, Chris Cuomo told Andrew Cuomo he is ‘the best politician in the country.’ I bet this did not age well. But I bet you knew all about your slimy brother @NYGovCuomo and what he was up too. I do hope you are fired for your part."


Another highlighted the family's associating with disgraced pedophile financier Jeffery Epstein who mysteriously died in prison awaiting trial for his child sex trafficking ring that could have exposed multiple billionaires. "Chris Cuomo is the brother of Andrew Cuomo. Chris's wife knew Jeffrey Epstein and was in his address book. Spooky sh*t," wrote the user. 


Others declared: "So, I go out for the day to come back to find what I already knew... 1. Andrew Cuomo is a piece of sh*t 2. Chris Cuomo is a bigger piece of sh*t for trying to help cover it up." And one outraged user brought up comparisons with the GOP, raising a hypothetical situation if Andrew's political party was reversed. "Imagine the outcry if a GOP politician had the findings of harassment that Scumbag Andrew Cuomo has. Chris Cuomo would be ignoring covid and obliterating that guy? Never.. Yet the silence on his brother.. Silence is deafening," they wrote accusing Chris of knowing everything, again.



Dubbing the family's response to the allegations shameful, one user condemned: "Just the fact that @ChrisCuomo didn’t address his own brother’s shenanigans is damaging in itself…. His wife and daughters should be ashamed, just as Andrew’s should be ashamed of their father & uncle. The nation is ashamed of them both!" Another user, more mild in their approach, stated: "In my opinion ; Chris should tell the truth about Gov.Andrew and if the truth make him in trouble with his job at CNN, quit the job is what is right for him."