Netflix 'Chosen' Episode 5: Emma learns distressing thing about Lykke that alters her

Netflix 'Chosen' Episode 5: Emma learns distressing thing about Lykke that alters her
Line Kruse as Lykke Sundby, Malaika Berenth Mosendane as Emma Sundby in 'Chosen' (Netflix)

Well, Season 1 of the Netflix series ‘Chosen’ is slowly inching toward its end and things are getting intense with every passing minute. The first three episodes built a strong foundation for things to come. On the other hand, Episode 4 made us realize that Emma (Malaika Berenth Mosendane) might be the key to everything.

Lukas, the mystery man who arrived on a spaceship, is now helping her to uncover the truth about what happened in Middelbo 17 years ago. However, the penultimate episode shows Emma something that would surely change her life forever. So, Lukas (Anders Heinrichsen) and Emma are together and Lukas tells her that if she wants to know the truth, she needs to have the hard drive that Mads has. That hard drive can lead them to the people they want to see.



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Emma meets Mads (Albert Rudbeck Lindthardt) and Elvis (Mohamed Djeziri) and accidentally pours the drink on Mads’ pants. While they take care of the situation, Emma steals the hard drive and runs away. As Lukas and Emma open the hard drive, she sees a person that she saw at the abandoned factory. So, Lukas and Emma travel together to find a man who’s not from earth and has taken the human form so that he could help the organism in taking over the planet. The duo finds his place and tries breaking in. However, they are stopped by a man who asks them if they know him. Lukas lies that the man who lives in the camper is his father and he hasn’t seen him in a year.

After searching his camper, both come out and sit inside the café. The man comes looking for them and a fight takes place between Lukas and that man. Meanwhile, in the café, Marie reaches to meet Emma. As Marie leaves to take a soda, Emma leaves the café and searches for Lukas. However, she has left her bag inside. Marie returns and sees that Emma has betrayed her once again. So, she takes her bag and runs away.
Elsewhere, Emma finds the man’s body, and a few meters away she also finds Lukas injured. She takes him to her home so that he can be treated.


Anders Heinrichsen as Lukas in 'Chosen' (Netflix)


On the other hand, Astraeus owner meets Mads again and tells him that he is right about them. The owner tells him to find the hard drive and when he brings that hard drive to them, he can start working with the company. Mads calls Maria and tells her to find Emma because only he can see what’s in that hard drive. But Marie is curious to see what’s in that hard drive and opens it. A few moments late, she sees someone’s photo that makes her uncomfortable. She reaches Emma’s house, but she doesn’t see him.

Emma and Lukas are following her therapist. However, Emma gets the shock of a lifetime when she sees her mother meeting her and the man who was chasing her. The entire scenario makes her realize that Lykke isn’t her real mother and she is hiding something really substantial from her.

The episode ends with Marie throwing the hard drive into the lake so that no one can see it. What will happen now? Will Emma confront her mother about it? Most importantly, is Emma an alien as well? The final episode is surely going a thrilling ride.

‘Chosen’ is currently streaming on Netflix.


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