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Netflix 'Chosen' Episode 2: Emma learns SHOCKING truth as a mystery man appears

Emma visits her teacher's home to know the truth about something mysterious, but what she uncovers is something bigger than she expected it to be
The premiere episode of the Netflix Danish series ‘Chosen’ has set a strong foundation for epic things to come (Netflix)
The premiere episode of the Netflix Danish series ‘Chosen’ has set a strong foundation for epic things to come (Netflix)

The premiere episode of the Netflix Danish series ‘Chosen’ has set a strong foundation for epic things to come. During the episode, we got to know that the story of a meteor crashing in the town of Middelbo might be a huge lie and there are some people who are trying to keep the truth hidden from everyone so that no one gets to know that something even more dangerous happened in the town 17 years ago.

However, a young girl named Emma (Malaika Mosendane) has her doubts and wants to know the truth. She meets a group of young people who is also trying to unravel the truth. Emma and Marie (Andrea Heick Gadeberg) spy on one of their science teacher, Hans, because he was present when the “so-called” meteor hit the town. The next day, Hans calls Emma and says he wants to talk to her. He calls her to his home and Emma declines because she feels that he was a creep.


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However, when she meets Maria and tells her that Hans wants to meet her, the gang decides that she should go there. She goes there alone and meets Hans. However, she feels really uncomfortable when he talks to her and leaves the place. She comes back and tells the gang about a room where she could see purple lights. They decide that Emma will be going to his house again and this time, Andrea and one more person will accompany her.

While waiting in the car outside Hans’ home, they decide to draw him out of the house so Emma could go inside and look for the secret room. They manage to send him away and Emma starts finding the room. However, Hans returns and sees her peeking inside the room that has purple lights. He calls her inside and asks if she is alone? She says yes, but then, Andrea rings the doorbell and Hans pulls Emma into the other room and puts his hand on her mouth. Andrea leaves when no one answers.

Andrea Heick Gadeberg (Marie), Malaika Mosendane (Emma) and Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt (Mads) in 'Chosen' (Netflix)

Hans tells Emma that he wants to help her and she should listen to him. Emma is scared and requests him to let her go. That’s when the mysterious person with black robot-like apparel on his body comes out of nowhere and attacks Hans. The mysterious person is able to travel fastly and is also able to make himself invisible. But Hans seems to be powerful as well and hits the mysterious person with a few punches. Emma tries hitting Hans with a wooden stick, but Hans hits her first.

He drags her into the room with purple lights and we see some mysterious things glowing inside the room. Hans puts something on the back of her neck and they both travel to a mysterious place that’s really far away. It seems Emma is a part of all this and doesn’t know who she is really is. As they return to their senses, Hans takes a gadget and kills himself. During the process, we get to know that Hans has some markings on his face that seem to be really weird.

The episode ends with Emma meeting Andrea and going to Emma’s house. They end up kissing each other while the mysterious person tries finding something really important.

‘Chosen’ is currently streaming on Netflix.