'Chicago PD' Season 8 Episode 10: 'Disco Bob' Ruzek betrays son, but who does Adam shoot?

This episode could be viewed as a filler episode by some, but it also seems that the series is focusing on one character arc at a time

                            'Chicago PD' Season 8 Episode 10: 'Disco Bob' Ruzek betrays son, but who does Adam shoot?
Jack Coleman as Bob Ruzek and Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek in 'Chicago PD' (NBC)

Spoilers for 'Chicago PD' Season 8 Episode 10 'The Radical Truth'

After a bit of a hiatus, 'Chicago PD' was back with an intense episode that focused around one character, for the most part, Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger). His father, "Disco Bob” Ruzek (Jack Coleman) has gone missing and the entire team scrambles to make sure they can find him "before it's too late".

What a daunting episode to come back to, but the Chicago shows never to have shied away from thrilling scripting. Before the episode aired, fans wondered if Bob would die, and well, that's something we'll find out but either way, the series came back with a bang. This episode could be viewed as a filler episode by some, but it also seems that the series is focusing on one character arc at a time? We're not too sure, considering the next episode, 'Signs of Violence', is set to focus on Detective Upton and her childhood trauma along with a triggering case. So, only time will tell, but 'The Radical Truth' definitely has hearts racing.


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'Disco Bob' is missing

Jack Coleman as Bob Ruzek in 'Chicago PD' (NBC)


Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam were the ones that noticed Bob was missing. There was blood on the kitchen floor and Bob's phone was outside in the snow. This is scary and sad in itself but it's also worse because the father and son don't have a good relationship. “It’s pretty clear my father left in a hurry and it wasn’t his idea to do so. His car’s here. The TV was on. His keys, his wallet, service revolver, his phone, which I just started going through. His password was his badge number because who would have thought of that?” Ruzek says. There's also a weird text on Bob's phone that reads, "You don’t deliver it’s over."

As per TV insider, Coleman spoke of the episode saying that it will show "almost everything you can see in a father-son relationship when the son too often has to be the parent." He added, "You get everything from the pride of the dad’s retiring and the force is throwing a party for him, and then all of a sudden you start to realize things are not as they seem and they’re not good. [There’s everything] from love and pride to disappointment and hurt and anger and then also the desperate need to make sure your family is OK.”

And boy, was he right. “Some people just aren’t good at [having free time] and it gets them into trouble, and Bob seems to be one of those guys [for whom] idle hands are the devil’s playthings," he said.

Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek and Jack Coleman as Bob Ruzek in 'Chicago PD' (NBC)


'I sold out my own son'

Many fans prepared themselves for the episode. "Disco Bob better still be alive!!! That’s all I’m saying. We had enough death in people being missing already #ChicagoPD," wrote one user. Another added, "So Bob is getting ready to retire. I have a tiny bit of hope that he lives. I feel so bad for Adam. Fingers crossed that Kim is with Adam every step of the way. #Burzek #ChicagoPD." Yet another added, "Gosh, I really hope Disco Bob is still alive in an hour, not holding my breath though. Family members and significant others have a horrible track record on #ChicagoPD."







As the new episode began, fans couldn't help but feel for Adam, and wonder what on earth Bob was up to now. "Adam is so tortured right now... as if he hasn’t been through enough. #chicagopd," wrote one user. Another added, "My heart is gonna break for Adam tonight isn’t it?  #ChicagoPD" People didn't want Adam working the case, with one fan writing, "Again why is Ruzek working this case. He should not be working this case. #ChicagoPD." Another added, "Adam should NOT be working this case. It's a huge conflict of interest! #ChicagoPD"








Without giving away too many spoilers, the episode gets really intense and even with 20 minutes, fans were afraid that Bob could die. Adam found out some things about his father and what he did, and while that was sad, fans were simply anxious throughout the episode, with many tweeting "The Anxiety," more than once. "We're halfway through the episode, there's still time for Bob to d*e #ChicagoPD," said one fan. One of the lines that cut deep was Bob saying, “I sold out my own son.... I should’ve just taken the bullet.”

Fans were pissed, with one writing, "Dude you threw your son to the freaking wolves! #chicagopd." Bob clearly doesn't know how to be a good father. If you're curious, you should watch the episode, it's one of the best this season.









Yes, 'Disco Bob' is alive

While Bob owes his life to Adam, we're really hoping that Adam sees that maybe this relationship isn't worth it? Fans were happy to see Bob alive. "Disco Bob is so lucky to be alive and owes Adam a lot more than an explanation @WolfEnt #ChicagoPD," wrote one user. [SPOILER ALERT] Another user added, "@NBCChicagoPD @WolfEnt Damn Bob you really went there huh? Had to try and guilt Adam into letting Barilla walk! Voight I'm with you, you can't keep cleaning up Bob's messes! #Payingforthesinsofmyfather #ChicagoPD #OneChicago." Another added, "His own father sold him out. Ugh. Disco Bob, you have failed Adam. Again. #ChicagoPD #OneChicago."







Who does Adam shoot?

The point of the episode was Disco Bob trying to get his son to cover for him in something shady he did. Adam, who's now clearly not in the right sense of mind, shot the guy that would get his father in trouble. "Did... did Adam just murder that man? To protect his dirty dad over a fricking name. Has he lost his mind? #ChicagoPd There's no way that was a clean shoot. Regardless of who shot first, Adam went there to kill him," wrote one user. Another added, "Good shoot my ass. Dude was a criminal no doubt but Adam did that out of revenge. #ChicagoPD." Another added, "Oh boy, now I'm super worried about Adam because no one saw that shoot except for him and he is NOT in a good mental state right now. #ChicagoPD #Burzek"







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