Who is Eric Adjepong? 'Top Chef' finalist to join 'Top Chef Amateurs' as judge

A fan-favorite on the show, Chef Eric Adjepong was a finalist in Season 16 of 'Top Chef' and a contestant in Season 17 of 'Top Chef All-Stars'

                            Who is Eric Adjepong? 'Top Chef' finalist to join 'Top Chef Amateurs' as judge
Chef Eric Adjepong to join 'Top Chef Amateurs' as judge (Instagram/chefericadjepong)

For all you foodies out there, there is a new cooking show on the block -- 'Top Chef Amateurs'. Bravo's latest show sees amateur cooks fight it out to prove their culinary prowess. While it seems like a high stake situation, these contestants do get some help. However, the show comes with an exciting twist as each of the competing chefs will be assisted by 'Top Chef' alumni, who are also a part of a rotating judges panel this season!

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Who is Eric Adjepong?

A fan-favorite on the show, Chef Eric Adjepong was a finalist in Season 16 of 'Top Chef' and a contestant in Season 17 of 'Top Chef All-Stars'. Adjepong is a first-generation Ghanaian-American and was born and raised in New York City. When it comes to his cooking, he draws inspiration from his West African cuisine. "The food that I was cooking is so severely underrepresented, anyway, that a lot of people don't really understand where that food actually comes from and how important it is to certain people," he said, in an article by The Washington Post.

As per his website, "He is passionate about introducing diners to West African cuisine and the impact its diaspora has had on South American, Latin American, Caribbean, and American food, all in his elegant, artfully plated style." Adjepong stays in Washington, DC, and is a personal chef, caterer and public health & nutrition professional.


He has three degrees and a masters

Chef Adjepong has three degrees in Culinary Arts, Culinary Nutrition (BS) and International Public Health Nutrition (MPH) from Johnson & Wales, a prestigious culinary school. He also has a Master of Public Health in International Public Health Nutrition from the University of Westminster in London and has cooked several Michelin-starred restaurants in New York.


He runs a dinner party service with his wife, decorator Janell Adjepong

Together with his wife, the chef runs 'Pinch & Plate', a customized, full-service dinner party service held at homes or venues. As per 'Pinch & Plate's website, 'All that's needed is a dining table with seating to fit the party size, access to a fully functional kitchen, and Pinch & Plate handles the rest.' Adjepong spoke to Black Enterprise about how the concept came to the couple. "We realized we had something special on our hands the day Janell asked me to create some dishes for a five-course brunch dinner party she wanted to host for some of her friends," he said.

"Usually when I'm prepping, I'm locked into whatever it is I'm doing in the kitchen, but I caught a glimpse of the finished table. When I looked at Janell the idea of actually making this into a thing came to mind. It took all of about 15 minutes before Janell, on the other end of the apartment, called my name and said 'Babe! I think I have an idea.' I already knew what and where she was going and, before she had a chance to talk, told her 'Yup, I'm already there," he explained. 


In 'Top Chef Amateurs', Chef Adjepong makes a comeback as part of the 'Top Chef' alum to help the amateur cooks by assisting them, as they race against the clock while tackling challenges. He will also be a part of the judge's panel this season, alongside Richard Blais, Jennifer Carroll, Shirley Chung, Stephanie Cmar, Tiffany Derry, Joe Flamm, Gregory Gourdet, Melissa King, Kwame Onwuachi, Dale Talde and Isaac Toups.

Catch Bravo's 'Top Chef Amatuers' on July 1, 2021, at 9/8c.

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