'Charmed' Season 2 Episode 6: Could Jordan be friend or foe to the Charmed Ones and Harry?

'Charmed' Season 2 Episode 6: Could Jordan be friend or foe to the Charmed Ones and Harry?

When 'Charmed' started its second season on The CW, it began with a bang, with the sisters having to relocate their whole lives to a new place and them having lost their powers. While Macy has her demon powers, Mel has been experimenting with potions and Maggie had her first premonition in the fourth episode.

The fourth episode seemed to suggest that Jordan's ring could have something to do with Maggie's new advanced power and this week's episode confirmed it. This week, Mel and Maggie have the coordinates, but not the exact location for where Dark Harry has Macy, and so the sisters think of using Maggie's newfound, yet unfamiliar power to lead them closer to their sister.

And so, during an impromptu karaoke duet, Maggie touches Jordan as much as she can -- much to his girlfriend's ire -- and gets a vision of Schmitty's -- where Dark Harry had made a deal with a demon for a "swanky place" in New York -- which is where Macy is being held.

But, the vision wasn't clear enough, and in a power outage facilitated by Mel, Macy gets stuck in an elevator with Jordan. During this, she holds his hand and deduces (like fans did) that it is Jordan's ring that gives her the premonition. When she asks him about it, he tells her that it is a family heirloom that is apparently is magical, "if you believe in that sort of thing".

Later, when Maggie tries on the ring, she sees a vision of Jordan again, but it goes by too quickly. He is blasted by something and is left unconscious. But, the premonition is ambiguous to Maggie -- she believes that either Jordan is in danger, or that he is a danger to them.

At this point, we don't know much more about Jordan and though we see sparks fly between him and Maggie, there may be nothing happening anytime soon that will confirm which of Maggie's suppositions are true.

'Charmed' airs on The CW on Friday nights.


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