'House of Horrors' survivor Jordan Turpin dances with Charli D'Amelio in viral TikTok video

Jordan Turpin and her 12 siblings survived years of abuse and malnourishment before being rescued

                            'House of Horrors' survivor Jordan Turpin dances with Charli D'Amelio in viral TikTok video
Charli D'Amelio and Jordan Turpin's dance video goes viral on TikTok (Photo: @jordan__turpin/Instagram)

Jordan Turpin, the 21-year-old victim and survivor of the infamous California 'House of Horrors,' teamed up with TikTok dancer Charli D'Amelio, 17, for a cute dance video to Kesha's hit song 'Cannibal.' The duo posted the video on April 20, 2022, and the TikTok world hasn’t stopped sharing their moves and spamming them with positive comments ever since.

Both TikTok sensations wore jeans, black sweaters, and sneakers, and smiled throughout the peppy video and snappy choreography. Turpin commented with the video, "Hey I had so much fun with you today thank you @charlidamelio," with multiple purple and white heart emojis. Turpin also shared a series of images of herself and D'Amelio on Instagram, captioning them with the same message as her TikTok video, to which D'Amelio's older sister, Dixie, wrote, "so cute🤍🤍🤍"


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@jordan_turpin Hey I had so much fun with you today thank you @charlidamelio ♬ Cannibal by Kesha - rapidsongs





Jordan Turpin’s escape from the 'House of Horrors' 

Turpin and her 12 other siblings were held in captivity in their own house by their parents, David and Louise Turpin, until 2018. Jordan, who was 17 at the time, escaped from the house and sought help for herself and her brothers. She dialed 911 on a deactivated cell phone and explained that the children had been raised in captivity and were often beaten and malnourished by their parents. David and Louise were sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to 14 criminal counts, including cruelty to an adult-dependent, child maltreatment, torture, and false imprisonment.



Jordan’s aspiration  

In one of her first interviews in November, Jordan spoke openly about her ambitions and what the future holds for her and her siblings now that they are no longer living in dread. She remarked on GMA, "I want to be a motivational speaker to help others," adding, "My whole life it has been so hard for me to understand why everything has happened, but if I can use what I went through to make a difference in the world, then I think that can heal me."


“I think everyone’s definitely in a better place right now,” she continued. “I know me, personally, I have a lot of healing to do from the last home I was in. I feel like there was a lot of damage done, and it’s just been really hard, but I think things are going to start getting better right now. We just have to have faith.” Gladly, Jordan is now having the best of her life, enjoying TikTok videos, and also inspiring her 155k Instagram followers.

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