The rise of Jordan Turpin: From a 'House of Horrors' victim to TikTok superstar

Abuse survivor is now a hit on the social media platform with nearly 500k followers, millions of views in just four years, here's how she did it

                            The rise of Jordan Turpin: From a 'House of Horrors' victim to TikTok superstar
Screenshots of Jordan Turpin dancing in her TikTok videos. (@jordan_turpin/TikTok)

Back in 2018, Jordan Turpin made headlines for escaping and saving her siblings from their abusive parents. Now in 2022, she's making headlines for a very different reason. It appears Turpin has found a way to embrace her freedom and make the most of her fame - TikTok. At the time of reporting, Turpin has over 450k followers and millions of views on the app, where she regularly posts dance videos.

The heartwarming story comes just weeks after sexual abuse survivors celebrated the verdict against Ghislaine Maxwell. The verdict has also opened the doors for massive legal trouble for Prince Andrew, who was stripped of his royal titles and duties in mid-January by the Queen. It means the Duke of York will now be defending his case as a private citizen, brought forward by one of Jeffery Epstein's sex trafficking victims Virginia Giuffre.


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Like Guiffre, many abuse victims have turned into activists, a route Turpin chose not to take. Instead, the 21-year-old has become a social media celebrity, putting her past aside to focus on the present. Now an adult, Turpin is living on her own and appears to be doing quite well, a vast change from her state back in 2017 and 2018.



Turpin's rise as a social media star

In January 2018, the then-17-year-old escaped her Parris, California home and dialed 911 to report on her situation. When police burst into the home, they saw a gruesome sight, with all 13 siblings living in squalor and some even shackled to beds. The story led the press to dub the home a 'House of Horrors'. Turpin did speak about the situation in a November 2021 interview with Diane Sawyer but otherwise has largely remained out of the case.

Meanwhile, her parents David and Louise were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years. Now that they are behind bars, it appears Turpin has moved on and found her calling in TikTok. She joined the social platform in May 2021 and has shared over 80 videos to date. In mid-January, she was verified by the app after building up a considerable fan base of more than 475,000 and 2.7 million likes. 

But she's not entirely left behind her past. In a few videos, she advocates for her siblings, some of whom are still struggling, and thanked those who contributed to the JAYC Foundation. She also revealed she has been getting support from fans via Venmo and CashApp, noting in one video, "Now I can afford to give all my siblings some really good, nice gifts this year and I am so happy and thankful that I can do that."

A large amount of Turpin's success though comes from her dance videos on TikTok. She's racked up millions of views on the videos, which sometimes feature other TikTokers, while also experimenting with fashion and makeup. The newfound fame seems to keep Turpin going when things aren't all that great for her or her siblings. Reportedly, the adult children are unable to access some $600,000 in donated funds because of a conservatorship, leaving them living in squalor. In November 2021, it was also reported that several children were denied access to essential services after being freed, leading Riverside County to hire a private law firm to look into the matter. 

But judging from her TikToks, it appears Turpin is having a great time, and making the most of her situation despite the challenges. 

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