'Chainsaw Man' teased at Mappa’s 10th-anniversary event, fans ask 'why no subtitles'

The Mappa Stage event got Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen fans wondering why they didn't learn Japanese

                            'Chainsaw Man' teased at Mappa’s 10th-anniversary event, fans ask 'why no subtitles'
Pictures from the 'Chainsaw Man' (Twitter/@chainsawmannews)

Mappa, the Japanese animation studio which gave us classics like 'Yuri!!! On Ice', 'Banana Fish' and 'Attack on Titan', celebrated their tenth anniversary on Sunday, June 27. #Mappa was trending all through Sunday, as fans from around the world stayed up late to catch the event which was live-streamed on YouTube from 2 AM EST. The show will last at least until 7.30 am EST. 

The Mappa Stage event will include stage events and announcements for both previously announced anime shows like the super-popular and heavily trending 'Chainsaw Man' and completely new projects. Fans also waited for announcements surrounding the fourth and final season of 'Attack on Titan' and the 'Jujutsu Kaisen 0' movie adaptation. Earlier this year, Mappa also released 'Yasuke', which is based on a true story about a Black samurai in feudal Japan. 


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The five-hour show was too much for many fans who just wanted to see the trailer for 'Chainsaw Man', as screenshots from the trailer, which according to a Reddit thread were 'leaked', started making the rounds on Twitter. Others were disappointed about the comment section being bombarded by CSM fans and reminded them that this was a Mappa event, not a CSM-only one! However, there were also people who were upset that the live stream, which was in Japanese, had no subtitles. 



Watching event without subtitles? You're a 'true anime fan'

"When they didn’t add subtitle for MAPPA event," said a fan, adding a picture of a lonesome SpongeBob SquarePants. "Someone in the livechat of Mappa Stage livesteam deadass ask "Where's the subtitles?" said another. "This is what all Japanese live shows are like. Long events with cast interviews with a PV or two, in Mappa’s case maybe a couple. And unless it’s something like the Jojo’s event, subtitles just isn’t going to happen," a third noted.





'I wish I learned Japanese'

"Watching the MAPPA event for 5 hours with no subtitles means you are a true anime fan," quipped a fourth. "pretending to enjoy whatever is going on the live with no subtitles while waiting for chainsaw man," a fifth said. "I wished I learned Japanese cause I can't understand a single word watching Mappa stage..," said another. 

Some Japanese fans were upset with the comments that poured in. "The overseas fans are literally barking in the mappa stage live chat and the Japanese people are literally done with them," a fan observed. "The csm anime pv is not out yet but csm fans are clogging the chat of the stream causing the japanese fans to be mad. csm fandom, a reminder that this is a MAPPA event not a CSM PV drop only event. BE RESPECTFUL SMH YALL EMBARRASSING," another said.







'Hype as hell'

"Mappa knows what they’re doing leaking those Chainsaw Man images b4 the event to make people watch the whole show… fuk that tho y’all spam me whenever that trailer drops I can’t do no 5 hours tonight  #MAPPASTAGE2021," a fan noted. "MAPPA putting JJK and CSM last knowing damn well that's what most people came for," a second chimed in. A CSM fan sharing the screenshots said: "Apparently these are screenshots from the Chainsaw Man PV showing at MAPPA STAGE 2021. THESE LOOK HYPE AS HELL!!"





Watch the Mappa Stage event here:


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