Man punches and kicks three Central Park carriage horses, threatens driver with knife

Carriage horses were lined in Central Park, awaiting fare, when the man appeared and attacked the horses

                            Man punches and kicks three Central Park carriage horses, threatens driver with knife
A horse and buggy in Central Park during (Andy Kazie/Getty Images)

A shirtless man has been accused of pulling a Mongo from 'Blazing Saddles' after drivers of horse carriages in Central Park, New York, claimed he punched and also kicked three carriage horses. The unprovoked attack happened shortly before noon on Monday, July 5, reported carriage drivers, who also claimed the man had a knife with him while going about the uncalled for animal abuse.

News of this abhorrent attack on an animal comes just days after a dog owner was dragged across the main road on a chain leash, for abusing his bloodied pitbull. Another woman found herself facing charges after she tried to shoot a dog and ended up hurting her son instead. But the Central Park horse attack is clearly not the first of its kind as just last year, three Pennsylvania farmers were accused of gruesome bestiality with horses and several other farm animals, after they also hired a minor to help them film their acts.


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The Central Park incident happened near West 59th Street and Sixth Avenue, with 28-year-old carriage driver Henry Kaya recounting the incident to New York Post. Kaya told the outlet that five hansom drivers had lined their carriages up along Center Drive, waiting for fares, when the attacker appeared out of the blue, began cursing and slugged one of the horses.

The attacker attacked Kaya's 16-year-old dark brown mare called 'Mary' after having punched two horses. “He raised his hand to punch my horse but I pulled my horse back so he could barely touch my horse,” he said. The man then threatened to hurt Kaya, saying “I have a knife” before storming off. But Kaya too chased the man down, capturing cellphone footage of him angrily confronting the attacker from a distance, yelling: "Why are you hitting my horse? It’s a poor animal!”

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Sarah Jessica Parker filming 'Sex and the City' featuring Central Park's famous horse carriage rides (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Putting on a fluorescent yellow safety vest that he picked up from the ground, the attacker then claimed, “He was stabbing me in the back, your friend,” and gestured with his arm. Kaya then urged people passing them by to call the police as the attacker left the scene carrying a black jacket and a black and white sling bag. “Come here! Don’t move! You hit my horse!” Kaya could be heard yelling still, adding: "You’re such a crazy person!” The attack then turns around and mumbles something unintelligible, but the word “stabbing" can be heard. "There’s nothing wrong with your horse!” the attacker yells back, adding: "Now you’re getting me upset.” 

Kaya then called 911 and showed the video to cops who responded to the scene. After hearing the full incident from Kaya, who moved to the US from Greece to study biochemistry at Long Island University, cops said they recognized the man as someone who hangs out at Times Square. The NYPD however couldn't find the man and the case has been since marked unfounded because there was no evidence of a crime committed.