'Celebrity IOU' Season 4: John C. Reilly shows off his carpentry skill in home renovation series with Property Brothers

'Celebrity IOU' Season 4: John C. Reilly shows off his carpentry skill in home renovation series with Property Brothers
John C. Reilly with Property Brothers in 'Celebrity IOU' Season 4 (HGTV)

In HGTV's 'Celebrity IOU' on Monday, May 23, John C. Reilly infuses a century-old, decaying log cabin with eccentric, retro elegance as a gift for his driver and good friend of 20 years. The episode, which will be accessible on Discovery+ the same day, focuses on Johnny, who is well-known in his neighborhood as the proprietor of a popular junkyard. To give the decrepit property on the junkyard lot fresh life and a quirky flair, Reilly—the actor, producer, musician, playwright, and comedian—collaborates with real estate and renovation specialists Jonathan and Drew Scott to create a bright, updated space where Johnny can rest and entertain. The brothers assist celebrities to surprise their close family and friends with a breathtaking house makeover on HGTV's famed home renovation series.

The 56-year-old actor collaborated with Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott to assist Johnny to refurbish a log cottage. This season, like all other seasons, offers some jaw-dropping modifications to make people's lives more convenient and effective.


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Reilly's goal, with the support of Jonathan and Drew, is to keep the cabin's rustic vibe while simultaneously updating the structure with a modern style. Reilly, who claims to be no stranger to carpentry labor, will pull down walls, saw through concrete floors, and hang outside wood veneer boards as part of the renovation. The finished result was a beautiful blend of old and new, with unusual pieces from Johnny's junkyard incorporated into the living area, bathroom, and kitchen. According to Reilly, Johnny has a large heart and walks the walk of life. He is constantly doing so much for others. So when this idea came along, Reilly thought this is the right person for it.

Johnny is a multi-hyphenate, although he is a studio driver in Hollywood by trade. The 60-year-old has Reilly on his client list. Johnny and Reilly had known each other for 20 years. Johnny served as the actor's driver in "Winning Time," but the two connected over their passion for classic cars. Johnny is an avid vintage collector. He has a sizable collection, which he exhibits at his Funky Junk Farms in Altadena, California. According to their website, Funky Junk Farms provides a variety of services, namely serving as a photo and video shoot venue, providing rental services, and renting and selling old trailers and accessories.

Johnny's 1920 log cabin was refurbished by the property brothers while retaining its rustic charm. To give the façade a fresh look, the 'Celebrity IOU' duo chose to replace only the rotten timber wood and paint it over. The cabin was also given a bathroom, a kitchen, and a lounge area. The cabin is an antique relic property from the 1920s. John instructed the Property Brothers to appreciate the cabin's quirkiness and renovate only a small portion of the space. They just had four weeks to finish the project.

In college, Reilly disclosed that he had previously made bunk beds and done construction work. While the cabin was just intended for storage, it was also utilized for community celebrations. Drew and Jonathan opted to turn the cottage into a multi-utility stay, complete with a new roof, kitchen, and bathroom. They removed portions of the cabin's ancient roof joists. The 'Celebrity IOU' crew chose to use the backyard barstools they discovered. Reilly assisted in the effort by hastening the demolition and removal process. He also used a saw to help remove the old pillar. He phoned the person who had painted the old emblem on the cabin and asked him to paint a new one for it. The trio worked together to modernize the 100-year-old cabin without sacrificing its character.


New episodes of HGTV's 'Celebrity IOU' premiere every Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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