'Celebrity IOU' Preview: Howie Mandel teams up with Property Brothers to revamp his pal's condo

'Celebrity IOU' Preview: Howie Mandel teams up with Property Brothers to revamp his pal's condo
Howie Mandel with Property Brothers Drew (L) and Jonathan Scott (HGTV/CelebrityIOU)

In the latest episode of 'Celebrity IOU,' Howie Mandel gets personal. The Emmy-winning comedian enlisted the services of the Property Brothers to refurbish his closest pal Rich Thurber's run-down bachelor apartment.

After losing his home in a divorce 15 years ago, Rich, who has also been Mandel's manager for 30 years, moved into the apartment. He's also been through some tough periods recently. "Last year, his father passed away," Mandel adds in Monday's episode. Rich, according to the 'America's Got Talent' judge, is someone who looks after everyone except himself. That's why he planned to surprise him with a home renovation. A-list celebrities renovate their houses for friends and mentors on the Scott brothers' latest popular HGTV series. Mandel's fun side is on display throughout the episode as he laughs about with the Property Brothers stars.


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Howie wanted Drew and Jonathan to make what appeared to be a bachelor pad into a classy and well-deserved retreat. The comic and television personality, who is also recognized as one of the world's worst germophobes, rolled up his sleeves to help his closest friend. Three of them begin by dismantling the house, which appeared to be more of a frat house than a place fit for an adult to reside. Rich is a devotee of RocknRoll and collects items, as Howie informs the Property Brothers. With this in mind, Jonathan and Drew devise the ideal renovation strategy for Rich's condo.

With recently Rich's father passing, Howie wanted Rich to have a place to go back to which felt more like home. "This is about giving back," Howie says, as the entire episode becomes a symbol of his love for him. Howie, who had booked a hotel room for his closest friend, gave the Scott Brothers 3.5 weeks to turn the property around. Without further ado, the brothers got down to business, concentrating on expanding the space so that Rich could entertain more guests and friends. Everything is stripped down, from the kitchen to the living room, and given a modern, sophisticated makeover.

Rich arrives home after 3.5 weeks to a pleasant surprise: his own home! Rich was taken aback by everything, from a new fireplace to elegant vinyl floors, a modern appliance garage to a porcelain peninsular counter for the kitchen. There is now storage in every corner of a space that previously had none. Howie and Rich were both surprised at how spacious the kitchen felt without the window. The new railings have become the area's new focal point. Howie, who is colorblind, even assisted the Property Brothers in choosing a bedroom color.

A space that was formerly heaped with beer caps and cans has been transformed into a lovely New York-style apartment. Rich's girlfriend and his kid, as well as Howie's wife, were among the first guests in a place that can now entertain friends and family.


HGTV airs all-new episodes of 'Celebrity IOU' on Mondays.

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