'Celebrity Big Brother' fans relate to 'cake smuggler' Chris Kattan: 'He's all of us'

'Celebrity Big Brother' fans relate to 'cake smuggler' Chris Kattan: 'He's all of us'
Chris Kattan on 'Celebrity Big Brother' (CBS)

New tactics and plans were introduced in the eviction episode following Teddi Mellencamp Mellencamp's eviction, as the opportunity for a new contestant to be Head of Household (HOH) arose. If that wasn't drama enough, the latest episode brought out schemes and strategies in full force as power changed hands in the household.

After a game of 'Rotten Potatoes' which officially made the NSYNC crooner Chris Kirkpatrick, the new HOH, came the decision of who to nominate. While everyone has been pretty involved in the game few have been innocent bystanders including Lamar Odom who is perpetually chilling and an extremely ever-confused Chris Kattan whose awkward, funny antics have been amusing fans. But the SNL star was just thrown in the deep end of the danger pool, so here's how the viewers reacted.


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Kirkpatrick won the power of Head of Household giving him the power to nominate any two contestants of his choosing to be up for elimination that week. Kirkpatrick set his eyes on getting rid of Mirai Nagasu who he saw as a threat even though Miesha Tate kept goading him to nominate Carson Kressley. The new HOH even went up to Odom to suggest putting him in as a pawn but the real nominations saw a new contestant up on the chopping block. Alongside Mirai, Kirkpatrick nominated Kattan stating that it was nothing personal but it's just because he didn't connect with them and talk game.

Now although he revealed that Kattan was just a pawn there also lies the possibility of Mirai winning the veto and saving herself which essentially meant Kattan could go home despite just being a pawn. The episode also saw Kattan gobbling cake in the night straight from the pan which fans found hilarious. Rooting for the relatable 'cake smuggler' here's what fans had to say about him being nominated.

 A fan said, "I hope Chris Kattan doesn’t go home #CBB3", while another commented, "I’ve never related to Chris Kattan more tbh #cbb3". A tweet read, "how DARE nsync nominate chris kattan. like your really gonna make doug butabi leave ?!?!?? what is love.... smh #BBCeleb3 #cbb3 #CelebrityBigBrother".

Another user said, "I am in TEARS at the Chris Kattan cake segment. He’s all of us. Don’t even lie #CBBUS #cbb3". A fan also said, "It better not be @ChrisKattan voted out! The Cake Smuggler must survive! At least @MieshaTatedidn't get what she wanted. #notNSYNC #meow #dukesup #BBCeleb@CBSBigBrother #CelebrityBigBrother", while another viewer was of the opinion, "I still want @RealLamarOdomand @ChrisKattan to be the #CelebrityBigBrother final two. None of the contestants will see that coming. None. That's my team. Let's ride."













'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3 airs on multiple nights each week throughout February, with the finale on Wednesday, February 23.

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