'FBI: International' Episode 13: Why did Scott stop Amelia from turning her mother in?

'FBI: International' Episode 13: Why did Scott stop Amelia from turning her mother in?
A still from Episode 13 of 'FBI: International' (CBS)

The coronavirus outbreak almost feels like a thing of the past when it's mentioned in films and series coming out after pandemic-related restrictions were relaxed. Sadly, this doesn't mean that Covid is behind us, so please keep your masks on. Coming after a two-week break, Episode 13 of 'FBI: International' follows Scott and the team as they look for an American couple who fled to Albania after pocketing millions of dollars in Covid relief funds from the US government. 

Kicking off with James and Fiona Delvina leaving their children behind, Episode 13 of 'FBI: International' titled 'Snakes,' shows the couple fleeing America, after bilking money given as Covid relief funds. While the case is handed to the Fly Team, we see Scott Forrester reeling from the way things ended in the previous episode. Additionally, Kellett sits this episode out, working from Budapest, hoping to reestablish professional boundaries with Forrester. 


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Over the course of the episode, the Fly team is able to apprehend James while Fiona manages to evade the police, with some help from her family who happen to be Mafiosi-like. James agrees to cooperate after finding out that his children's futures are at stake and tries to convince Fiona to turn herself in. She agrees to the terms put forth by the FBI and they prepare for her arrival. However, she changes her mind, leaving James and her children behind, hoping that they'll understand why she did so. 

This makes Amelia, the older child of James and Fiona, volunteer to help the Fly team arrest her mother, asking that she remains with Gabriel, her brother, in return. The Bureau agrees to it, but Forrester who is racked with guilt over turning against his mother stops Amelia from doing the same. Understanding her concern for Gabriel, Forrester assures her that the siblings will remain together and that they will be moving to America to live with their relatives.

Episode 13 of 'FBI: International' ends with James getting to spend some time with his children before he's taken to prison, while Fiona remains to be at large. It's also a treat for those yearning for Forrester and Kellett to get back together, as the episode shows them getting intimate towards the end. Whether or not they are officially back together is something that will be revealed in the coming episodes.

'FBI: International' airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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