CallMeCarson: Is Carson King making a comeback? Fans say if James Charles can, so should he

Carson King, the 22-year-old YouTuber, tweeted, 'give me a little bit longer' after allegations of grooming and sexting underage girls

                            CallMeCarson: Is Carson King making a comeback? Fans say if James Charles can, so should he
Carson King is accused of sexting with two underage fans (YouTube/CallMeCarson)

Former YouTuber and Twitch streamer Carson King, better known as CallMeCarson, has hinted towards his potential comeback after being reportedly canceled for allegedly grooming and sexting with two underage fans. He has tweeted, “give me a little bit longer.” His recent tweet made his fans go crazy while there were many who believed that he should not be celebrated as he is still “a criminal”.

What had happened to CallMeCarson?

In January 2021, it was reported that King had allegedly sent inappropriate messages to two minors. A deleted Twitter thread said that he had been sending “sexual things to his underaged fans for months and all of The Lunch Club knew and didn't say anything.” It was also alleged that he groomed one of the underaged fans.


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The first accuser of King, who identified herself as Sam, had alleged that she was 17 and the social media star was 19 when he started privately messaging her. The alleged private messages were sent first on Twitter and later on Discord. The accuser had also shared screenshots of the messages on Twitter, which are now not available anymore. Those messages were reportedly sexually suggestive in nature.

At that time only, another accuser came forward. She used the Twitter handle “@Copiicatt” to share her story. According to the screenshot of the Snapchat messages shared by her, King was 20 and the accuser was 17 when they exchanged messages. Daniel Keem, host of YouTube news show ‘Drama Alert,’ tweeted that @Copiicatt told him she exchanged nude photos with King through Snapchat.


‘Carsons still a criminal and yall are acting like thats all fine’

Twitter is all buzzing soon after King apparently suggested that he wants to come back. One of his fans wrote, “HOLY SHIT CARSONS GONNA COME BACK SOON I’m HAPPY.” The second one tweeted, “its glad to see Carsons doing well. he made some bad choices, but so do the rest of us, and I really really miss him.” The third one stated, “Not saying he's completely innocent, but I can't believe we made Carson quit over a 2 year age gap, while James Charles (5 year gap) still gets to post and make videos and EDP445 (17 year gap) is excused from the law and is now making his own website.”




However, many seemed miffed about it as one critic tweeted, “carsons still a criminal and yall are acting like thats all fine n dandy if hes changed? 'cancel culture' mf its the US FEDERAL LAW.” Another one wrote, “dont let Carson get away with it btw lol even if he gets therapy that's great, but it still proves that people like him shouldn't have a platform because he can very easily use it again to manipulate others again, and thus entering a cycle where he continuously does this shit.”



“’ll be completely honest most ppl aren’t upset because of a two year age gap it’s because of the fact that he toke advantage of a fan who idolized him and used that to get whatever he pleased out of them… and he even lied to his friends about that… I don’t think he’s sorry,” a person said and the second one said, “Carson deadass is one of the unfunniest youtubers on the site and I hope he stays off it. He made one somewhat funny video and then everything else was awful.”