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Who is Sam? Keemstar alleges Carson King 'groomed' 17-year-old girl, here's the truth behind shocking thread

'I jokingly tweeted at Carson be my boyfriend on my old account. He didn’t reply to the tweet and went straight to my dms,' the girl alleges
Carson King (Call Me Carson - Youtube)
Carson King (Call Me Carson - Youtube)

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Carson King once again became a part of a controversy after a Twitter thread suggested that he used to indulge in sexting with his underage fans. Now, adding fuel to the fire, YouTuber Keemstar has posted a screengrab video where Carson can be seen having an intimate chat with a 17-year-old.

Keemstar posted a video screengrab saying, "A 18 year old girl posted this video on twitter Claiming that Call Me Carson groomed her when she was 17! #DramaAlert." The 28-second long video detailed the entire chat where Carson can be seen saying, "All I know is every time I j**k off now. I have really hard time not thinking of you," and "My brain got stimulated and now it wants more now." To which the girl, whom he addressed as Sam, replied, "sorry was in school, I get that." Carson also says, "It's all so sexually charged, I can't help it." The video also reveals many other obscene texts shared between the two.


The news first came to light via a Twitter thread that claimed that Carson was involved in sexting underage girls. The tweets were posted by a girl named Sam, which reads, "I jokingly tweeted at Carson “be my boyfriend” on my old account. He didn’t reply to the tweet and went straight to my dms. I don’t have old ss but I have discord messages. cont." 



Sharing some screenshots from the chat, the person further said, "Heres a few things he has said to me." The accuser also posted a screenshot where Carson is asking for nudes.




She further said, "to anyone else who experienced this. im hurting so much for all of you. no one deserves this. im here to talk. thank you all."


As soon as these screenshots came to light, internet got divided into two groups. While one was supporting Sam and slamming Carson, others proposed that at the time when the screenshots were taken, both Carson and the girl were teenagers and he shouldn't be the only one to be blamed as the girl texted him first. 

One user wrote, "Honestly Keem, I know you don’t care what I think and i respect that, but this situation has me torn. Carson was definitely being a creep but the fact she continues to agree and go along with it makes it seem that the only reason this was brought up was because how their (1/2)" and "“relationship” ended, probably abrupt and harshly. I feel she’s playing victim to an extreme level as if she didn’t do anything wrong. Especially since they were both aware of the Age conflict of interest and she did sext him easily been able to say no. (2/2)" Another one shared a screenshot and said, "Not saying he’s in the right but, read the top 3 comment of this screenshot & just let it sink in that “she sent first & wanted to do but doesn’t regret it” again not saying he’s innocent but she’s just as in the wrong as much as him going by these comments alone."



While some were disappointed with Carson's messages and said, "i mean the messages are from a year ago and there’s lots of proof in the og thread so i do think it’s real. i hate saying this since i loved his content but it’s the trust." Another one wrote, "Except there’s literally proof IN THIS THREAD. I understand innocent until proven guilty but there’s literally evidence right there, and it’s basically proof of Carson being a groomer."