Sergio Carrallo has 'beans for brains', say 'RHODubai' fans after Caroline Stanbury reveals baby demand

Sergio Carrallo has 'beans for brains', say 'RHODubai' fans after Caroline Stanbury reveals baby demand
'RHODubai' star Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo (Caroline Stanbury/ Instagram)

Though Caroline Stanbury and her husband Sergio Carrallo may look all lovey-dovey on their social media pages, it looks like there's some major trouble in paradise between the newlyweds. The recently aired episode of 'Real Housewives of Dubai' gave fans a peek at it when 27-year-old Sergio and Caroline began arguing over having a baby.

The couple was visiting the construction site of their new house and going through the layout plan with the architects when Sergio surprised the 'RHODubai' star by revealing that he added a baby room for their future baby in their new house. Caroline was taken aback and pointed out to her young partner that she was a woman in her 40s and that having a third child might not be easy for her. But when Sergio kept insisting that his parents deserved a grandchild and that he needed to further the Carrallo bloodline, Caroline gave in and tried suggesting surrogacy instead.


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'Real Housewives of Dubai' star Caroline Stanbury and her husband Sergio Carrallo (Caroline Stanbury/ Instagram)

Sergio immediately shot down the surrogacy suggestion as he believed that the baby wouldn't look like them if a surrogate carried it for them. Though Caroline tried explaining to him that the baby would look like them and it would be theirs, the young Spaniard wasn't in a mood to buy it. He claimed to have read a lot about surrogacy and wasn't interested in going that route and demanded Caroline carry their baby.

In her confessional, Caroline explained that she was nervous about having a child with Sergio because of his immaturity. She also added how Sergio would leave her if she decided not to have babies with him. After watching Sergio's total ignorance about surrogacy and the baby being a dealbreaker for their relationship, fans began wondering why the 'RHODubai' star was marrying him in the first place.

A fan tweeted, "Sergio realizes you can have a child thru surrogacy right?#RHODubai." "Sergio must have beans for brains bc why doesn’t he understand surrogacy at his big age? #RHODubai," wrote a fan. "#RHODubai Poor Sergio needs to go back to Biology class….that’s not how surrogacy works, the baby will still look like you ," commented a fan. "Sergio, umm has he never heard of surrogacy?? It’s the womens egg and the dads sperm that’s inserted into the surrogates body #RHODubai #RHOBH," explained a fan.





Sergio Carrallo on 'RHODubai' (Bravo)

Fans also wondered why Caroline married Sergio without having a conversation about babies. A fan questioned, "Why would Caroline marry him? #RHODubai." "Why do u want him to stay Caroline . What does he offer u but youth? And it’s not your youth it’s his. And the more babies he has the more money he gets. Sergio is screaming opportunist #RHODubai, observed a fan. "If Caroline can't have children, Sergio won't stay with her. Then why on earth did she marry him? BIG IDIOT! #RHODubai," expressed a fan. ""If I can't have the baby Sergio won't stay, fact." Caroline, why would you marry a man that feels that way omg yikes #RHODubai," echoed a fan. "Why would caroline get married to sergio when a baby was a deal breaker? #RHODubai," seconded a fan.






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