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Does Cardi B regret Normani's ‘Wild Side’ collab? Fans feel ‘she can’t take criticism'

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker again got the social media abuzz when she opened about continuously getting 'shi**ed on' for her guest verses
Cardi B and Normani teamed up for ‘Wild Side’ (Photos by Theo Wargo/Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)
Cardi B and Normani teamed up for ‘Wild Side’ (Photos by Theo Wargo/Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

Normani’s solo debut single ‘Wild Side’ featuring Cardi B has been making waves on the Internet, but only for the wrong reasons. Despite clocking millions of views within hours after releasing on July 16, the song was first slammed for showing Normani and Cardi B almost gyrating while baring it all. Social media users also dragged the song when Cardi B lashed out at the concept of queerbaiting.

Now, the ‘WAP’ hitmaker again got the social media abuzz when she opened about continuously getting “shi**ed on” for her collaborations. The 28-year-old emcee also added that she won’t promote the song after getting disrespected but later deleted the tweet. The news comes after Normani’s‘Wild Side’ became her highest Hot 100 debut of her career making it her third top 20 hit.
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Cardi B opens up about getting disrespected over 'Wild Side'

In a series of tweets, the Grammy award-winning rapper first congratulated Normani for the feat and also thanked her fans. But in a short video clip, she also made it clear why she hopped on this feature especially when she doesn’t prefer doing guest verses. She first tweeted, “Sooo proud of you @Normani!!! Thank you everyone for all the support.I be trying to tell people when they spread negative & narrative yea social media sees it but God sees it too. He will make sure the words are eaten !!!!” Replying to a fan, she shared, “Same people that says this s**t is the same people that didn’t buy s**t, don’t  request on radio, not streaming not adding no value or numbers to the song but opinions on twitter for a hit tweet cause hating but keeping up with cardi it’s what in.”
When a Twitter user posted, “y’all harass and provoke Cardi and then act surprised if she says something in retaliation, Cardi simply replied it with one word-“Facts”. She then posted a video where we could only hear her voice. She captioned the post as, “Thank you for all your support when it comes to “Wild Side”. I love and support Normani and always want her to win.” In the video clip, she shared, “I just want to apologize to people maybe I took it as a little bit crazy. As a fan, you must be aware I really don’t wanna do features because I want all of my features to go on my album. But I am doing features on songs I believe on and the artist that I love.” She added, “I fell in love with Normani as an artist. She is really good and sweet. She could dance, she could sing and she got the work ethic. She is a little younger than me and therefore, I thought of mentoring her.” She concluded, “With this record, I have been putting my all and same with Normani and my fans have been promoting it rigorously. It hurts when I get shi**ed on. I will take my services somewhere else. That’s not fair. It’s not fair to the artist and to the people who actually enjoy it.” Normani returned the favor with a tweet, saying, “I don’t think you guys understand how harddddd this woman has gone for me. you have been a champion for me throughout this whole process even when I was freaking out the night before releasing. God don’t play when it comes to His. we good sis.”







Will Cardi B not promote ‘Wild Side’ anymore?

According to Pop Crave, Cardi B warned her fans that she would no longer promote the song saying she shouldn’t have been featured on it, “I been getting disrespected up and down and ignoring cause I love the song and the person but me or my fans not finna be getting disrespected.” The rapper, however, later deleted this tweet.


‘What a baby. She can’t take criticism’

Social media users logged into Twitter to talk about Cardi’s latest rant. One user said, “Lmao what a baby. She can’t take criticism. People are simply stating the fact she lessened the value of the song, thats not hate. And why would someone stream a song they dont like. Someone come check on this girl. Another stated, “She’s saying that bc it’s flopping lol.” One user added, “I love how she is detaching herself from the song before it free falls next week.” The next one posted, “Normani did charity putting her on the song.” Whereas, another concluded, “Wish cardi would stop arguing and addressing Stan pages and actually go work on writing something alone for real.”